Waterloo Pest Control: 4 Ways to Rodent-Proof Your Kitchen

Waterloo Pest Control: 4 Ways to Rodent-Proof Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a common spot for rodent infestations. Mice and rats may seek shelter from cooler temperatures in the fall and winter in your home and congregate in the kitchen for food and water. Homeowners need to arm themselves with knowledge, prevention strategies and a qualified professional in rat control in Waterloo, Truly Nolen Canada. Find out four easy ways you can protect your home from welcoming rodents and other critters.

The Kitchen’s Appeal

Your kitchen may be inadvertently attracting mice and rats. Rodents frequently visit kitchens to get easy access to the homeowner’s food supply. The kitchen sink is another preferred spot for rodents for water. If you have a rodent infestation in your kitchen, you may notice signs of their presence, such as droppings and the smell of urine. Rodents may leave behind droppings throughout your kitchen, such as in drawers, cupboards, pantries, countertops or on the floor. Here are some ways you can keep them out:

1. Cut Off All Entry Points

The first key step of effective mice removal is to seal off any entry points into your home. Focus your energy in the kitchen as well to keep rodents away for good. A professional can help you seal off places that mice or rats are using to enter your kitchen. Look in hard-to-reach or hidden places and make sure there aren’t any gaps or holes. Check out under your kitchen cabinets, behind appliances, near the floor vents, under the kitchen sink and around your doors and windows.

2. Keep Food Contained

The next step of residential pest control for rodents is to make sure all food is sealed and contained. Kitchens are notorious for having lots of potential meal options for rodents. Store all food, including pet food, in containers with lids. Make sure all crumbs and food spills are cleaned up quickly. Wipe up drinks when spilt and keep your kitchen sink dry to avoid attracting rodents.

3. Get a Professional

It’s also important to seek professional help when you have an active rodent infestation or if you’ve had one in the past. Truly Nolen Canada has a team of technicians that can offer their expertise and skills in rodent prevention that works. We can remove mice or rats from your home, clean up the mess they’ve left behind and help you prepare to keep them out in the future.

4. Prune Your Home’s Exterior

Rodents may also be more likely to come into your home if your outside yard isn’t properly maintained. Tall grass, overgrown bushes and debris are the perfect hiding spots for rodents and other small critters. If you have trees and branches leaning up against your home’s roof, siding and windows, it makes it much easier for rodents to gain access and entry. Take time to prune trees and bushes and keep your lawn short to avoid problems.

Effective Rat Control in Waterloo

Rats and mice are clever creatures that will do anything to survive. This includes coming into your home and getting access to your kitchen and your family’s food and water supply. The best way to prevent an infestation is to put yourself on the defence and arm your home from possible rat and mouse infiltration. Our team of pros can come out and inspect your property and make recommendations that can rodent-proof your kitchen and home.

A rodent infestation is not just inconvenient, it’s also unhealthy and potentially damaging to your property. Take action quickly if you think you have mice or rats living on your property. Contact Truly Nolen Canada for advice and quick service for rodent control so your problem doesn’t multiply and cause more issues for you and your family.