Pest Control Strategies for Commercial Office Buildings in Barrie

Pest Control Strategies for Commercial Office Buildings in Barrie

Commercial properties are more susceptible to pests than residential properties because of the building’s size and the high traffic level. Maintaining a good barrier between the inside and outside of a property is essential to protecting the property, staff, and patrons. Commercial pest control in Barrie can help business owners create and stick to maintenance and prevention plans.

The only way to protect your business is with due diligence. Property and business owners must be willing to put in the work to ensure buildings remain pest-free.

Pests and Commercial Spaces

A business may have issues with numerous pests, including rodents and insects. Some of the most common commercial pests include:

  • Mice and rats: Rodents can easily make their way into various structures because of their flexible skeletons. Mice are smaller than rats with brown or beige fur. Rodents gain access through cracks and other small openings around the premises.
  • Birds: Many commercial spaces have problems with birds gaining access to the interior. Most birds gain entry through main entrances or warehouse garage doors.
  • Silverfish: These bugs are nocturnal and live in crevices and cracks. They are most commonly found in cabinets, washrooms, and kitchens.

3 Pest Control Strategies for Commercial Buildings

Depending on the commercial facility, keeping all pests out at all times can be challenging. For example, birds may get in regardless of strategies used to keep them out because of the constant opening and closing of doorways. Still, business and property owners can take steps to protect the interior of their commercial space against infestations. There are three primary strategies for keeping pests at bay and away from your commercial building.

1. Eliminate Food and Water Access

The primary motivator of most animals and insects is food and water. If the pests can find sufficient access to food and water within a commercial building, they will nest or colonize near the space.

To prevent infestations, you need to eliminate easy access to food and water sources. If you operate a restaurant or kitchen facility, you can prevent access by storing items correctly and using air-tight containers.

To limit access to water, ensure all surfaces are dry and no liquids are left out in glasses. Also, hire professionals to perform annual plumbing inspections to resolve any leaks or potential issues.

2. Keep Garbage and Building Tidy

Cleanliness is the enemy of pests. Rodents, insects, and other creatures love clutter and dirty, sticky spaces. To keep animals and insects away from your property and outside of your building, keep garbage areas clean. Ensure all trash and bags end up in sealed cans or dumpsters.

Also, inside your building, ensure the maintenance or janitorial staff vacuums, mops, and wipes down every surface to eliminate crumbs. The staff should also remove any trash inside the building at the end of the day.

3. Maintain Landscaping

Overgrown landscapes, trees, and bushes act as homes and bridges for insects and other pests. To prevent infestations, keep landscaping and plants away from the foundation of the building. Also, use a landscaping company or hire someone to cut the lawn at least once per week during the spring, summer, and early fall.

Pest and Wasp Removal in Barrie

When thinking about what businesses need pest control the most, people offer think of restaurants. While restaurants do need to be cautious, every business is susceptible to pests. To reduce the risks of pests in your commercial space, contact Truly Nolen Canada to discuss its four-season care.