Deter Wasps From Your Commercial Business In Cambridge With These Tips


Deter Wasps From Your Commercial Business In Cambridge With These Tips

As a business owner, you want to create the best experience possible for your walk-ins and customers. When wasps are buzzing around, this is a dangerous and irritating situation for both customers and employees. People may not want to walk through the door if there is a risk of being stung. Commercial pest control services in Cambridge can help with wasp removal to keep your business running efficiently and safely. 

1. Thoroughly Clean All Dumpsters 

Wasps love the sweet, sickening smell of garbage receptacles. Dumpsters are especially prone to wasp infestations because they are generally open to the air and not well-sealed. If you have a pressure washer, completely clean the inside and outside of the dumpster. Use an industrial soap if you can. 

Cleaning the dumpster itself may not be enough, unfortunately. Take a walk around the perimeter of the dumpster and take care of any spills and sticky spots on the ground. Try your best to use your pressure sprayer to clean underneath the dumpster as well. 

2. Quickly Clean Any Outdoor Spills and Food Debris

Task one of your employees with regularly checking your sidewalks, parking lots, and points of entry for food and drink spills. As soon as they notice a spill, they should clean it up right then. Sodas, milkshakes, leftover fruit, fast food bags, and takeout containers are all extremely attractive to wasps.

Do your best to clean the outdoor spaces in both the morning and the afternoon. When temperatures get hot, sugary substances tend to melt, spread, and congeal into the asphalt or sidewalk more quickly, making them harder to clean up later. Hot temperatures are also a wasp’s favourite climate, so you’ll have to be very proactive during the summer months to keep everything sanitized in a timely manner. 

3. Throw Away Outdoor Garbage on a Regular Basis

The same employee that takes care of cleaning the grounds should also ensure that bags of garbage are not left sitting outside the front or back door of your business. When throwing away garbage outside, they should not drag the bag across the ground, even if it is heavy. Let them use a second person if necessary, to handle the weight. Invest in bags that are not going to rip or fall apart en route to the outside garbage can. 

Above all, do not leave garbage bags outdoors overnight. This will give wasps more than 12 hours to start thinking of your business as an ongoing supply of food and sustenance. If you find that the garbage piles up quickly after a day or two, consider calling for trash pickup services more often than once a week. 

Call Truly Nolen for Commercial Pest Control Services in Cambridge

We have decades of experience helping businesses rid their properties of pests and insects. Our services include: 

  • Quick response times from local expert technicians, who will save you time and money.
  • A specially-tailored plan for pest control that fits the individual needs of your property.
  • Regular service audits for quality assurance.
  • Pest management training and education opportunities. 

Specifically for wasp removal services at your place of business, we will inspect all affected areas, identify the location of the hives or nests, safely remove all wasps, destroy the nests, and install pheromone traps to create a chemical repellent that keeps the new wasps from coming in. Wasps will not return to an old nest, so once we neutralize the existing problem with our tried-and-true methods, the wasps are unlikely to return.   

Read all this and more on the section of our website dedicated to bee and wasp control.