Why You Need Carpenter Ant Control In Haldimand-Norfolk

Why You Need Carpenter Ant Control In Haldimand-Norfolk

Ant control is more important than you think. Carpenter ants are not very good builders, but they are skilled destroyers of beams, decks, and wood. Trying to accomplish carpenter ant removal on your own is not always effective, and may result in a more expensive extermination bill later on. The longer you wait, the worse the damage to your home may become. 

Don’t Try This at Home, Folks

There are so many home remedies and off-the-shelf solutions including traps, powders, and sprays. These may not always get the job done, however. By the time you’ve spent money on DIY solutions, you may still find you need to spend more money on professional pest control in Haldimand-Norfolk. Some retail products only kill the existing ants while doing nothing against the larvae. Others spray baseboards and corners, but cannot get into the hidden areas where carpenter ants live. In short, they don’t get to the root of the problem. Using pesticides in your home without proper training can also create health hazards for your family or pets. 

Damage Caused by Carpenter Ants 

Carpenter ants are deft at burrowing and tunneling through wooden structures. They do not chew corners where their presence is obvious. Instead, they chew hollow ribbons and rivulets within the inner beams and boards, creating weaknesses that are not automatically visible. Once they create their pathways with their powerful pincers, they build their nests directly inside the wood into which they’ve burrowed. This is another reason why they are hard to detect: their nests are not piles of dirt. 

The Benefits of Calling a Professional 

When you hire a professional pest control company, here’s what you can expect: 

  • Comprehensive Inspection of Exterior and Interior: Professionals know how to carefully comb the inside and outside of the property to identify where the ants might be coming from, and where they are likely living. 
  • Damage Assessment: While hardworking homeowners may not be able to fully see the signs of structural weakness, a professional who’s trained in the signs of carpenter ant presence will be able to see what often goes missed. 
  • Customized Treatment Plan: Pest control items that you can buy at the local retail store are more like one-size-fits-all solutions. They’re supposed to work for everyone. But professionals know that every home is unique. Allow the experts to come up with a plan that makes sense for your property and floor plan. 

Truly Nolen’s Four Seasons Approach to Carpenter Ant Removal

Our technicians know when the time is right to include a seasonally-tailored solution for your home. Ant behaviour changes based on the season of the year, and we are trained to deal with these changes to keep your home free of pests all year. Our Research and Development team has developed a purposeful Insect Control Program that predicts new pest behaviours before they start. Carpenter ants can develop a natural resistance when the same treatments are applied over and over again. With this in mind, Truly Nolen uses a series of environmentally-conscious materials that ensure the ants will not become smarter than the humans.

When you schedule an inspection with us, we will fully investigate all corners of your property, assess the existing damage, and create a plan to stop the ants in their tracks. We are not just a “spray and wait” service. We use an innovative combination of liquids and baits that ants do not detect as poison. They bring these chemicals back into their colony, where they become embedded in the food supply. This takes care of all of the ants in a short amount of time.