Kitchener Pest Control: Which Pests To Look Out for Each Season? Part 2

Kitchener Pest Control: Which Pests To Look Out for Each Season? Part 2

Spring has sprung! The rain is falling, the flowers are blooming and the temperatures are warming up. The winter pests you were dealing with are off finding new outdoor homes, and you’re enjoying spring cleaning without them. Unfortunately, you still have pests to think about. Spring might get rid of some, but it invites others. You should know what to look out for and when to call the pest control Kitchener professionals.

Common Spring Pests

There are many bugs and insects that seem to emerge each spring. If spring has sprung early, those insects will have a longer breeding season, which is only going to mean a bigger infestation. Some common spring pests to watch out for are:

  • Ants – Especially carpenter ants in the Kitchener area, these pests are looking for food sources and trying to get out of the rain. Ants forage for food when the temperatures start to rise. They travel far distances, including inside your kitchen. One way you’ll know you have carpenter ants is by seeing a small pile of sawdust sitting next to a small hole in any wooden elements of your home.
  • Beetles – During winter, beetles hide inside the walls or other structural areas of the home. When the weather warms up, those beetles are happy to get out and enjoy the warmth. They are attracted to water, so you might find them near leaky pipes, around bathroom drains and in other moist areas.
  • Bees and Wasps – With all the new growth and an increase in pollen production during spring, you’re going to see more bees and wasps. Out in nature, this can’t and shouldn’t be prevented, but near your home, you can employ pest control Kitchener services to help.
  • Spiders – With other insects running around, spiders have more access to food and might be more active in your home. While this is a great natural pest control solution, it’s not going to be a complete solution and you’ll still end up with a spider problem.
  • Mosquitoes – With all the water that comes with spring, you might see a quick increase in mosquitoes. Any standing water, such as rainwater, melting snow and irrigation water, all play a role in encouraging mosquitoes to breed. Fresh flowers also keep the mosquitoes around, as males feed on the nectar from those flowers.
  • Fleas and Ticks – Most fleas and ticks are found during spring and summer, but you might see a bigger infestation during spring. These bugs often get into the home on your pets but could arrive in camping gear when you get home from a trip. Preventative treatments will hopefully keep the fleas and ticks at bay.

What You Can Do

Truly Nolen Canada has a seasonal pest control service that targets specific bugs and other pests each season. Our treatments can take care of current spring infestations and help to prevent a future infestation the next spring. We focus on the exterior of your home, but also treat entry points that will allow these seasonal pests into your home. In the meantime, you can:

  • Vacuum up any spider webs or dead bugs
  • Keep your home clean and clear of piles of debris
  • Clean up after meals and keep all food sealed in airtight containers
  • Promptly fix water leaks and repair any related damage
  • Dust, vacuum, sanitize and keep your home generally clean

Contact the Pest Control Kitchener Professionals

Spring pests can arrive before you realize it, but that doesn’t mean you just have to suffer through the season with them. At Truly Nolen Canada, we offer pest control Kitchener services that target the specific bugs you’re dealing with this spring. Contact us to schedule your inspection today.