Wasps Causing Problems in Parks Around Niagara Area

Niagara Parks

We’re all aware of the problems that wasps can cause. They create terror when they get inside our homes, ruin our barbeques and leave painful stings behind. When they gather together in a swarm, the situation becomes much more serious. And this is just the damage they can cause to us – wasp nests can cause significant damage to your home as well.

We’re going to look at some of the problems that wasps have caused to parks in the Niagara area and why wasp control was urgently required. As well as being careful about the presence of wasps in your garden and home, you need to know what to do if you find wasps in public places. This article will help you do that.

Wasp Infestations Have Closed Niagara Dog Parks

The first story we’re going to look at involves wasps closing down a dog walking park in Niagara. In August of 2017 the dog park, within Firemen’s Park, was closed as a result of wasp infestation. It began with a small population of Japanese wasps being uncovered in the small breed section. 

It didn’t take long for city crews to discover the wasp nest. A second nest was found in the large breed section soon after. Authorities decided the park was too dangerous and needed to be closed. This was a precautionary measure required to keep park-goers safe. After one Japanese wasp causes a painful sting, pheromones are released and more wasps will begin to sting too. Authorities recognized this and wanted to keep both dogs and their owners safe from harm while they removed the infestation.

Wasps Cause More Harm in Niagara

Wasps have been known to cause even more problems throughout Niagara, and wasp control is almost always required. In August of 2018, a giant nest of Japanese hornets closed some baseball diamonds in Port Colborne. Within the same week, another nest was discovered and as they did with Firemen’s Park, authorities decided to close the diamonds and remove any risk.

In Niagara Falls, curious residents were surprised to see that Theresa Park had been decorated with yellow banners and ‘restricted access’ warnings. This time, sand wasps had decided to make the public park their home. They burrowed into the sand playground bed and obviously created a hazard for children in the area.

Wasps can quickly infiltrate and take over public places. It’s important that if you come across wasps and wasp nests, you know exactly what to do.

What to Do If You Find a Wasp Nest

The first thing to do when you find a wasp nest is to make sure that you remain calm. We’re all aware of the problems that wasps can cause and some people may feel nervous, even panicked when they stumble across a nest they weren’t expecting to find.

Most importantly, do not disturb the nest. Treat it with caution and make sure that you don’t give the resident wasps any reason to feel threatened. Once wasps feel threatened they’re likely to retaliate in a particularly painful and often dangerous way.

Wasps cause all sorts of problems and it’s important that their nests are cleared away as soon as possible. Unless you find the wasp nest on your property, however, that responsibility isn’t yours.

Memorize the location of the wasp nest and retreat, making sure that your movements are slow and calm. It’s a good idea to get in touch with local authorities and let them know about the wasp nest. They’ll be able to contact wasp control teams in Niagara and will close the public place where necessary. Wasp control experts, like our talented team here at Truly Nolen, will be able to remove the nest safely.