4 Dangers of Having Wasps Around Your Toronto Home

4 Dangers of Having Wasps Around Your Toronto Home

Many people dislike insects such as bees and wasps but are unaware of the specific hazards that they can pose to humans. While many insect stings take place outdoors, an insect infestation in the home can be especially dangerous for a number of reasons and often necessitates a call to wasp control in Toronto. Consider these reasons why wasps, in particular, are so dangerous when they are inside the home.

Wasps Are Dangerous to People With Allergies

Most people have been stung by a bee or wasp at some point in their lives and know how much their stings can hurt. However, for a subset of the population, these stings are more than just uncomfortable. People who are allergic to wasps can experience a potentially fatal condition called anaphylaxis. Someone who displays the following symptoms after an insect sting may be experiencing anaphylaxis:

  • Swelling, redness and itching of the skin that is not necessarily only at the site of the sting 
  • Passing out
  • Wheezing and other breathing troubles 
  • Vomiting, cramps and nausea

People who know they have a wasp allergy do their best to avoid the species, including by staying indoors during the times of the day when wasps are most active. However, this can be difficult to do if there are wasps inside their homes where they expect to be safe from these insects. Hiring a residential pest control service is the recommended way to safely and completely eliminate a wasp infestation in the home, regardless of whether or not any of the home’s residents have a wasp allergy.

Wasp Stings May Be Lethal 

While wasp stings pose the most significant risk to those who have an existing allergy, keep in mind that their bites can be deadly to anyone if they occur in large enough numbers. It takes many stings to get into the territory of being lethal; however, when a homeowner allows a wasp infestation in their home to go unchecked, wasps have a place to congregate and grow in number. Where there is a larger number of wasps, there is a higher risk of someone being bitten multiple times at once.

Wasp Infestations Are Difficult for Homeowners To Deal With 

Another reason why wasps in the home are dangerous is that this is one pest that residents definitely should not attempt to deal with on their own. Although it is always recommended that homeowners bring in professional pest control to deal with an infestation instead of trying to get rid of the infestation themselves, a wasp infestation is particularly dangerous to deal with due to the risk of allergic reactions. Professionals, however, have the proper clothing and equipment for dealing with these angry insects, and they know how to use that equipment.

Wasp Nests Are Hazardous 

Wasps are very prone to getting angry with anyone who gets near their nests. This not only includes professionals who attempt to remove the nest in a safe manner but residents of a home who walk past a nest that they are unaware of or are waiting to have removed. Some types of wasps are quite adept at building their nests in inconspicuous locations around a home where children and other unsuspecting individuals may stumble upon them. In addition, animal members of a household such as dogs and cats can easily put themselves in a dangerous situation by investigating the activity surrounding a nest.

If any homeowner has a pest situation that makes them feel unsafe or needs wasp pest control in Toronto, we encourage them to contact Truly Nolen Canada and ask about their bee and wasp control services.