Mosquitoes: Bad News During Summer

Pest control experts in Canada deal with nearly 60 mosquito species each year. Summer is the time when these pests swarm around the household, using even the tiniest holes, such as keyholes, to get inside.

This summer, the mosquito population will flourish. Not only because of the weather changes, but also because of the decrease in bat population. A significant number of bats last year fell victim to the white-nose syndrome. These bats have been eating over 50 million mosquitoes each year, keeping the population under control. Now that their number is reduced, the mosquito population will increase. This means that the majority of households in Canada will experience great discomfort, leaving them in need of some pest control assistance.

Why There Are So Many Mosquitoes Around Your House

There could be a lot of things you’re doing to attract mosquitoes. They’re quite common during the summer but tend to nest in households that offer plenty of water sources. Mosquitoes nest near water, so puddles, rain barrels, fountains, pools and other areas with standing water on your property could attract them. They are also drawn by strong light, if you like turning on lights on your front porch, it will attract plenty of mosquitoes. If you have been struggling to keep mosquitoes out of your house, it’s because they have an easy way inside. If your doors and windows don’t have mesh screens, you’ll soon have a house full of mosquitoes. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to keep mosquitoes away.

What Can You Do About Mosquitoes in Your Home?

Removing sources of water is the first and a most important step towards keeping the mosquito population in check. Cover your pools and fountains during the night, and dry out any puddles in your yard. If you have any stale water near your home, like that inside rain barrels and buckets, either cover them or empty them as to not provide mosquitoes with a comfortable living space.

There are a couple more strategies to battle mosquitoes. Screening windows and doors during the summer will keep a lot of them out. Turning off the lights in the areas of your exterior you’re not using will draw fewer mosquitoes. If you like spending evenings in your front yard, you can make a so-called “mosquito catcher”. It only takes filling up a half of a glass or plastic bottle with water and pouring in some vinegar. Place this bottle near the area you’re sitting, and the smell of vinegar will draw the mosquitoes into the bottle. Once they’re inside, they won’t be able to get out.

Can’t Deal With Mosquitoes? Call Truly Nolen Canada

Truly Nolen offers inspection and installation of protective mesh against mosquitoes, as well preventive measures that will help deter them. The products we use for pest control are safe and biodegradable, so don’t worry about having a strong, unpleasant smell spreading across your home. If you can’t manage mosquitoes in your home, Truly Nolen is here to help!