Pavement ant damage.

Ants are everywhere. We see them all the time. On the sidewalk. On the driveway. Never think much about it. But, in the winter they look for a warm place to nest. Your home or building is key to survival. Consistent temperature and food source can lead ants right to your kitchen.

What is a pavement ant?

These are the ants you commonly see nesting in sidewalks, driveways and building foundations. They’re determinable by the small mound of soil near cracks in concrete. Pavement ants nest alongside houses and garages. They enter homes through small cracks in windows, walls or floors. During the winter they are forced inside to search for warmth, food and water.


Ant prevention.

-Seal any cracks or openings around doors, windows and the foundation.
-Maintain large overhanging trees that might extend to your building.
-Keep kitchens and other parts of the house clean.
-Keep a tidy garbage area including tight fitting lids for cans.

Infestation and the damage they cause.

Pavement ants dig into concrete. However, even though there’s hundreds of ants digging away concrete foundation they don’t cause any serious damage. Pavement ants are mostly just a nuisance to homeowners. Unsightly dirt mounds can be spotted on sidewalks, driveways and alongside homes. Any sort of bug infestation is gross. Ants are attracted to food and mainly head for your kitchen.

Treating ants on your property.

-Pouring boiling water onto a nest will disperse the population. Repeat this procedure once a day.
-Make your own traps. Materials like sugar and Borax, cornmeal and raw cream of wheat are all home remedies for getting riding of ants.
-Food grade diatomaceous earth. Spreading this soil onto nests on your property deter them from growing their colony.

Goderich pest control and ant removal.

If you discover evidence of an ant infestation be sure to contact Truly Nolen Pest Control. We will find the root to the problem and make its impossible for it to happen again.