Rats Costing Canadian Car Owners Big Bucks

In efforts to make their cars more eco-friendly, manufacturers such as Subaru, Honda, and Toyota have been using an insulation coating made from soy-based materials for their vehicles. Though safe for the environment, this innovative insulation is resulting in rats costing car owners hundreds of dollars in repairs. While this is certainly alarming, the problem is not unique to these brands alone. Rats chew on the insulation near wires, damaging the wiring along the way and causing a great deal of monetary damage. Sadly, most manufacturer warranties don’t cover the repairs of the damage that results from rats chewing on the car insulation. Truly Nolen gives some expert pest control service insight into the problem.

What to do About Rats in Your Car

The presence of rats in your car requires urgent attention, as they can severely damage the wiring and cause unnecessary repair costs. Since you can’t be absolutely certain your warranty will cover prospective damage costs, stay clear of the DIY methods for deterring rats. With cars, as well as other products that come with a warranty, it’s important to always get assistance from professional service providers, instead of trying to solve problems on your own. Truly Nolen’s residential pest control service technicians can help you keep the rats away from your car. By identifying the spots in your car the rats are using to enter, we’ll install the right measures to keep the rats away without compromising your car. Our experts will also make sure to treat the wiring and other parts of the car that draw rats so that they’re no longer appealing to rodents. If the rats contaminated your car with urine and feces, we will make sure to fully sanitize the vehicle so that it is safe to drive.

If you’re purchasing a new car, inquire with the dealership if any of the parts are made with organic materials. These will attract rodents, especially during colder weather, when they’ll be looking for a place to stay warm. If you suspect that anything about the vehicle manufacturing makes it vulnerable to rodent damage, call Truly Nolen. We will take a look at your vehicle and give you a thorough report of our findings.

Want to Protect Your Car From Rats? Call Truly Nolen

If you suspect that your vehicle has been under attack from rodents, avoid using any products without expert consultation. This could void your warranty and make it more difficult for you to have the manufacturer cover the costs of repairs. The best solution for you is to bring your car to the nearest residential pest control service or call a technician to take a look at the vehicle. Upon initial assessment, we’ll inform you of our findings, making sure you understand the techniques we will use to remove the rodents.