Hidden Danger – Rodents Could Cause Electrical Fire

Rodents could cause electrical fires. It sounds silly, and it happens rarely, but it’s possible. It is another reason for you to pay special attention to the maintenance and well-being of your home. In the case that your home becomes infested with rodents, an electrical fire is only one of many hazards. There is a risk of damage to your infrastructure (ceilings, beams, moldings etc.). To prevent this from happening you can either hire a rodent control company or inspect and repair the property on your own. Truly Nolen Canada suggests looking into a couple of important issues.

Why are Rodents an Electrical Hazard?

Rodents have ever-growing incisors which demand constant chewing to keep them from over-growing. Once rat’s incisors grow past the certain size, it becomes difficult for them to feed normally. This is the reason why they constantly gnaw on building materials. When rodents are looking for ways to get inside your home they will chew their way through wooden beams and mortar in walls and attics.

Mice, rats, squirrels or other rodents will chew on the electric wires if they are in their way. Chewing on electric wires may cause short circuits, which can lead to a fire. In some cases, sparks that come out of a damaged electric wire can land on building materials nearby and catch on fire. It is very important to pay attention to the signs. To avoid this situation from happening in your home, you should call a rodent control company as soon as you become aware of a rodent presence.

Preventing Rodents from Getting into Homes

There are a number of things you can do to prevent rodent-induced household fires. Prevention remains the best way to battle pests in your home, and Truly Nolen Canada recommends the following:

  • Inspect and seal any cracks and holes in gates, fences, doors, windows, attics and the basement. Also, pay attention to any cracks you find in the foundations. Caulk them to completely shut off the empty space, as mice can enter through a pencil-eraser-sized hole.
  • Install wire mesh over the soffits, outside dryer vents, and over the ceiling vents to prevent rodents from using these spaces to get inside your home.
  • Since rodents can use trees and shrubs to get inside a home, make sure to maintain the exterior of your home. Preferably, no branches or bushes should be near roofs, windows, doors or basement windows, to stop the rodents from coming in.
  • Tight-seal the bottom sides of all doors in your home, particularly the front, and the garage doors.

Still Having Trouble with Rodents in Your Home? Truly Nolen Canada is Here for you!

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