Bees Are Buzzing This Summer. Know The Nest First

Identifying what type of bee or wasp is making a nest will give clues as to how to deal with them. It’s important to know what type of wasp or bee you are dealing with when trying to eradicate their nest. Effective bee control is best done with professional help, though there are several strategies homeowners can attempt by themselves. Exercise caution throughout and always keep in mind that a professional approach is the recommended option. Three basic types exist when it comes to identifying what sort of nest you are dealing with:

• Ground nests
• Cavity/concealed nests
• Aerial nests

Ground Nests

Ground nests are typically reserved for yellow jackets and bumblebees, as they will nest underground on occasion. Most often you’ll find their nests along the roots of trees and landscape shrubs. Because they are partially covered with leaves and other types of ground debris, it may be particularly difficult to spot the exact location of the entrance hole to these nests.

Cavity Nests/Concealed Nests

Honeybees act differently, seeking out voids between walls, abandoned rodent burrows and hollows in trees to make their nests. The characteristic wax honeycomb pattern is what the nest is constructed of and what it looks like. Single eggs and developing bees are housed within each cell of the nest. Keep this in mind if you’re adamant about performing DIY bee control.

Aerial Nests

Trees are where you’ll commonly find aerial nests built by bald-faced hornets. The cells that contain eggs and developing young are encased in a shabby-looking exterior; several tiers of comb covered by a round, paper casing with an entrance at the bottom represents the typical architecture of the nest. Nests may even be built on the sides of houses and you need to remember that this is where a professional approach is a necessity, not an advice. This is because bald-faced hornets are an exceptionally dangerous and aggressive species.

Don’t Want To Risk Getting Stung? Get In Touch With A Pest Professional Like Truly Nolen

Dealing with bees and wasps is all fine and dandy until you’re forced to get rid of a nest. That’s when things become complicated and you risk injury. A much simpler, more effective and lasting approach is to contact a pest professional like Truly Nolen. A company that has been in the pest removal business for more than 75 years and has amassed plenty of experience. Simply get in touch with Truly Nolen today, so that you can rest easy while seasoned experts demonstrate the advantages of professional bee control quickly and effectively.