Commercial Pest Control – Protecting Your Restaurant’s Patio

Commercial Pest Control - Protecting Your Restaurant’s Patio

With summer right around the corner, patio dining will be in full swing. For restaurants, it’s a wonderful way to get some additional seating space and boost your venue’s dining appeal. However, there are a few challenges with catering to the outdoor dining experience; one of them includes some unwelcome guests in the form of pests.

Customers want their experience to be relaxed, enjoyable and, more importantly, safe. Seeing even a single insect hovering around can be damaging to a restaurant’s reputation. Not to mention, it compromises the food safety standards you maintain within your establishment. That said, there are some commercial pest control solutions available, and it all starts by taking some preventative steps against common pests that you might find lingering around.

How To Manage House Flies

From landing on food, buzzing around to being a bother, flies are a common summer pest that turn any dining experience unpleasant. Not to mention, they are the biggest offenders when it comes to food safety. They are laden with over 100 pathogens and can transmit bacteria causing E.coli and salmonella.

Flies are attracted to spoiled produce, open trash cans and water, unclean countertops and unsanitary drains. Take the following steps to stave off these unwanted intruders:

  • Do not leave your trash open. Use bags to store your trash and tightly seal them before throwing them in the trash can. Also, ensure that you cover the trash can with a lid.
  • All ingredients should be covered and stored appropriately while food should not be left unattended on countertops or tables. Used customer plates should be snagged up as quickly as possible and tables cleaned with fresh linens if required. Don’t forget to clean under tables and chairs to avoid any crumbs from attracting flies.
  • In a similar vein, ensure all branches and bushes are neatly trimmed so as not to become crumb collecting spots or nests.
  • Fluorescent lights attract flies, especially during the night. Therefore consider replacing them with sodium vapor bulbs.
  • Make sure any waterworks on the patio are not attracting flies and that there is no stale water after cleaning.

How To Manage Stinging Pests

Summer bloom brings out bees and wasps whose stings can be extremely distressing and even life-threatening. They typically don’t pose any food safety issues; however, the threat of allergic reactions should be enough of a reason to ensure no bees or wasps interrupt your customer’s experience. They are mostly attracted to sweet drinks, rainwater and flowers/trees. Here’s how you prevent stinging pests:

  • Trim any bushes around or on your patio. Additionally, avoid or strategically plant fragrant flowers and trees to avoid luring bees.
  • Use dark or neutral colors within your outdoor decor–including umbrellas and awnings.
  • Wipe any puddles after it rains or spills on any surface.

How To Manage Crawling Pests

Crawling pests, like ants and cockroaches, are attracted to food wherever its present and carry a number of bacteria along with them. Ants will create nests in any cracks or stone pavements and find their way to any unsealed food containers. Additionally, they may even group in or around trash cans. In case you’re dealing with an infestation, go for commercial pest control for a professional, quick and efficient solutions. You can avoid crawling pests using the following tips :

  • Regularly wash down your patio and stone pavements. You’ll also want to sweep away any crumbs after each customer.
  • Trim bushes and cut any grass surrounding the patio to remove a clear path to the patio for ants.  
  • Keep trash away from the patio and routinely wash cans while making use of sealable trash bags to avoid attracting pests.

Don’t let poor restaurant pest control get in the way of your customer’s dining experience. In case of infestation or consultation of commercial pest control solutions, contact Truly Nolen and receive advice from trained professionals who have an understanding of food service regulations and health codes. Truly Nolen will help you discreetly take care of your pest issues enabling you to deliver a quality dining service without worry.