Commercial Pest Control: Unwanted Pest Problems

Commercial Pest Control: Unwanted Pest Problems

Pest infestation is a big problem that can be avoided.  Protecting your business depends on what your workers know about pests. For a pest control program to be effective, employees must know the important role they play in your commercial pest control strategy. Being vigilant and observant will help to identify pests and prevent them from moving in.  

Your first task is to call a meeting and discuss the situation with your employees. Ask your Truly Nolen pest management pros to come in and conduct staff training. At the training, trained technicians will help workers to identify the signs that indicate a pest problem, how to identify pests and the most suitable maintenance and sanitation procedures to use. Our expertise can help your employees to understand how Integrated Pest Management (IPM), an eco-friendly reliable method can help to control pests.


Every pest problem should be reported immediately. Make this easier for employees by creating a form that allows them to report pest sightings. Employees’ reports should answer the questions, what, when, where and how many. Where possible, samples should be collected for identification and proof. Use containers or scotch tape to collect samples. This information will be extremely vital for the pest management provider and can be used to access and develop a solution for resolving the pest problem.

Providing your pest control provider with information about signs of pests in your establishment will only be of more help when you create your IPM. Commercial pest control methods are designed to engage your staff to help them recognize the common signs of pests. Such as:

  • Pests in stored products: It is not easy to spot webbing, grubs and insects, but there are warning signs that can indicate that pests are in the products. These signs include damaged packaging, dust, pieces of insect parts or trails of flour.
  • Flies: Signs indicating the presence of flies include black spots on walls and maggots in damp areas or around drains. Sighting of any of these means that quick action is needed to prevent an expanded fly population.  
  • Cockroaches: These bugs are usually under or behind equipment, in wall spaces or around other sheltered areas. Brown egg cases that look like very tiny briefcases are indications that cockroaches are around.  
  • Rodents: Rodents leave visible droppings, which are small blackish pellets, roughly the size of a rice grain. Gnaw marks on products are telling signs that rodents are around, also sounds, and sudden, quick movements.

Commercial pest control methods include checking equipment spaces and footing, wall spaces, under and behind appliances, dining and food preparation areas, storage, locker rooms, among others. Check these areas regularly to prevent pests infestation.


A rigorous maintenance and sanitation programme will help remove conditions that pests love. Guide your staff in using the following preventative procedures

  • Keep the floors clean:  Clean crumbs and spills from floors. Mop or vacuum floors every day. Always keep floors dry and get rid of organic waste between tiles.
  • Pay Attention to Trash bins: Odours coming from trash bins attract bugs so put bins out so they empty as scheduled and wash once each week. Keep bins properly covered and no less than 6 metres from the entrances of buildings. Regular power washing of garbage rooms and proper drainage will prevent a buildup of moisture that breeds small flies.
  • Store products properly: Store food and non-food items on shelves no less than 20 cm from the floor. Use the First In, First Out (FIFO) rule when taking out stored products for use. This will prevent spoilage and breeding of pests.
  • Regular Landscaping: Trim vegetation close to your building so that pests cannot gain easy access inside.
  • Examine incoming food shipments: Since pests can hide inside packaging, your staff must be vigilant and examine boxes coming inside your business. Reject incoming shipment items that show signs of rodent activity or quarantine contaminated items.  

The pest management team at Truly Nolen will help to train your employees to become proactive in dealing with pest problems in your facility. Helping to ensure that your business stays free of pests and open for business.