Know the Risks of DIY Residential Pest Control

Risks of DIY Residential Pest Control

There are an awful lot of things you can do around the house on your own. Some things simply don’t require professional help. Changing a lightbulb, a furniture project and even painting can be done by those with the attitude and ability to do so. DIY residential pest control, on the other hand, never ends well.

There is a huge range of pests which can find their way into your home. Each of them has different habits, feed on different items and carry different risks. They’ll be in your home for different reasons too. Without professional help, at best you’ll be wasting an awful lot of money. At the very worst, you’ll be misusing dangerous chemicals, creating all sorts of health risks and causing extreme damage to your home. Not only that, you could even be breaking the law while you do so. We’re going to discuss the risks of DIY residential pest control and tell you why you’re probably better off leaving it to us instead.

The Risks of Attempting DIY Pest Control

There are hundreds, if not thousands of do-it-yourself pest control solutions on the internet. And guess what? They’ll all promise to be just as effective as the pros. Don’t be fooled.

Attempting to move pests on your own is usually ineffective and full of risk. The first mistake many people make is trying to use pesticides. These sprays normally contain potentially hazardous chemicals which need the training to use properly. Are you putting yourself or children at risk of inhaling dangerous substances? Are you causing more harm than good to the area you’re spraying? You may also be irritating the pest and running the risk of an attack and dangerous bites. 

You might also be running a huge environmental risk too. You could accidentally contaminate nearby bodies of water and the grounds of your home if you misapply the pesticide. 

Have you thought about the local and national regulations? Did you know that there are strict regulations regarding the safety of bees too? If you spray the wrong pesticides at bees then you be potentially breaking the law.

You could work your way through an endless amount of ‘DIY pest control’ tools. After you’ve bought your tenth one and still failed to remove the pests, do you want to add up what you’ve spent on these ‘guaranteed’ remedies? We have a funny feeling it will be more than our professional residential pest control costs.

Why You Should Contact the Professionals

Our experienced technicians are highly trained when it comes to removing pests. We’re aware of every regulation and stipulation, no matter which province you’re in. When we use spray-treatments we do so with technique, spraying only the area which needs to be dealt with. Areas are efficiently and effectively targeted without causing harm to other wildlife nearby.

We’ll also be able to spot the pests quicker than the untrained eye. Once we determine the pest control problem, we’ll know where to look and how to seal any entry points to your home. Your pest population will be quickly removed and we’ll even futureproof your home to prevent any further pest problems. That, quite simply, is a service that you can’t apply on your own.

How Truly Nolen Can Help

And we’ve been doing just that since 1938. At Truly Nolen, we only use the most advanced technology to deal with your pest issues. We’ve developed our own unique treatment programs and pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide. If you suspect there’s a pest control problem on your property, leave the work to our talented team.