Brampton Pest Control: Keeping Mice Out of Storage Areas

Brampton Pest Control Keeping Mice Out of Storage Areas

You’ve just noticed a trail of tiny, black mouse droppings near the door of your storage area. What do you do? Your first instinct may be to panic — after all, your Christmas decorations, boxes of old clothes, and extra blankets are all in that room — but then you take a deep breath and realize there must be some way to mouse-proof your storage supplies. Read on to discover how to keep the rodents out of your storage room before contacting pest control in Brampton.

Why Mice Love Your Storage Areas

To you, your attic may be a dark, uninviting nook that simply exists for you to store forgotten items. To a mouse, your attic has just the right amount of clutter to hide in. It’s also warm and safe from predators — perfect for building a nest. In just one year, a mouse might have up to 35 babies

Unfortunately for you, your mouse residents will quickly learn how to sneak around inside the walls, zip around the baseboards, and hide when they hear you coming. It’s entirely possible for generations of mice to live within your storage space without you even noticing — until they start ruining your belongings.

This is why it’s important to take action sooner to control your mice infestation rather than later. Your rodent problem can multiply significantly in just a few months, and the babies will soon become adults who build their own nests inside your storage boxes and roam through your house to search for food.

3 Ways To Deter Mice From Living in Your Storage Areas 

You may want to work with a professional pest removal company if your mouse damage is extensive, or if you can’t seem to locate the culprits. A mice removal service will be able to eradicate them without harming your home.

If you’ve just noticed one mouse, you may want to set a trap and take further action before it becomes a problem (and even so, you may want to have an evaluation to assess whether there are more and if they have caused damage). Start by doing the following three things to keep mice away from your things.

1. Invest in Sealed Containers for Your Belongings

First, purchase a high-quality, airtight container to protect your most valuable items even if you have mouse problems. Items that are not protected will be chewed, used as nest material, or used as a communal mouse toilet.

2. Inspect the Storage Area Before Adding New Items

Look over the area closely before reorganizing. You may have purchased airtight containers that are perfect for storing those old quilts and baby clothes, but be careful to rid the area of mice, droppings, and potential nests before making over your attic.

3. Toss Any Edible Decorations

The holidays may be your favourite time of year — and with all the food left on the counter, wrapping paper tossed into the corner, and decorations made of popcorn and candy, it’s probably your mice’s favourite, too. Don’t let gingerbread houses, popcorn strings, or unwrapped chocolates linger after a celebration. Vacuum all the crumbs and store food and snacks that you will not be eating in the immediate future to deter mice from visiting.

Get In Touch With Truly Nolen for Pest Control in Brampton

Trying to keep mice away from your favourite items can be an extremely difficult task. If your home is overrun with these small pests, or if they’ve already damaged your storage areas, act now before more of your belongings are ruined. We specialize in quick, safe removal that puts your home back in order as soon as possible! Get in touch with us today to schedule your inspection.