Brampton Pest Removal: Are Rodents More Active in Spring?

Burlington Pest Removal Are Rodents More Active in Spring

How do you feel about rats and mice, in general? Some people may find the animals adorable or charming, even having one or the other as pets. Still, a pet rat or mouse is not the same as a wild animal. You do not want wild rats and mice taking up residence in your house. You will want to call rodent removal in Brampton to ensure your property is free of furry critters and is safe for you and your family.

Despite rats and mice being relatively small compared to other wildlife, such as raccoons, they can unintentionally cause a significant amount of damage. Wildlife, including rodents, only want to find a safe place to eat, drink and sleep. Unfortunately, manufactured structures provide all of these essentials, resulting in motivated wildlife seeking shelter in houses.

Springtime, Rats, and Mice

Rats and mice tend to seek indoor shelter in the fall and winter. They will also scour houses for food because the winter months do not provide abundant food sources outside. Therefore, the fall and winter represent the times every year when homeowners need to be more concerned about rodents making their way indoors to nest and eat.

Still, while the fall and winter will result in many rodents seeking indoor shelter, that doesn’t mean the springtime is any less of a threat for homeowners. The spring, primarily from March until May, is when rodents become more active and will begin to seek food outside of your home. However, that does not mean they will seek shelter elsewhere. If your home has provided for them, they will likely be hesitant to find a new nesting site, especially if they have young.

The Importance of Rodent Removal

Rodents multiply rapidly. A female mouse can become pregnant up to 10 times per year, having three to 14 babies per litter. One mother can produce a maximum of 140 babies per year. However, it does not end there; the females of the mother’s litters can become pregnant between four and seven weeks of age. Therefore, a house can experience hundreds of thousands of mice in a single year without adequate intervention.

Potential Property Damage

Rodents can cause extensive damage to your property. They will defecate and urinate anywhere they crawl and chew incessantly. Rodents’ teeth continuously grow, and they must gnaw to keep their chompers from injuring their mouths and causing infection or potential death. 

Unfortunately, mice and rats do not differentiate between what is safe to chew and what isn’t. Many homeowners who experience rodent infestations will find structural components, such as wood beams, weakened, electrical cables, and cords stripped. The damages can result in fire risks.

Additionally, rodent waste is unhealthy for pets and humans. Because rats and mice can carry diseases, it is possible that people can become ill from exposure. 

Preventative Strategies

The best way to deal with rodents is to prevent their initial entry. You want to scan and inspect your property regularly, ensuring any holes or cracks are sealed as they appear. Additionally, you want to maintain a clean yard and interior space. Keep your lawn cut short and keep plantings away from the foundation of your house. It would be best if you also fed pets inside, cleaning up after all meals.

Have you noticed an increase in the rodent population around your property? Have you witnessed mice or rats scurrying across your floors? If so, contact the pest control professionals at Truly Nolen Canada and schedule a property assessment in Brampton. A certified technician will inspect your property to determine the extent of the problem and recommend service options. They should also present you with an estimate for potential services.