Brampton Rodent Control: Mice Behaviours to Expect in Winter

Brampton Rodent Control: Mice Behaviours to Expect in Winter

Rodents look for safe and warm nesting sites, especially in the winter. As a homeowner, you need to expect mice to make an effort to get into your home because it represents one of the safest and warmest areas for the year’s coldest months. If you want to protect your home from intrusive mice and other critters, contact a local pest or mice removal service.

Common Mouse Behaviours in Winter

Mice are not particularly unique in their behaviours during the winter. They act like many other animals, just trying to stay warm and protected against predators. However, during the winter or the months leading up to it, mice can become more determined or motivated to enter properties, which is why, as a homeowner, you need to be proactive in your defences.

1. Seeking Shelter

When the colder weather begins, mice will start actively looking for warmer shelter. In fact, many animals start looking for warmer shelters in the fall. Imagine how motivated you would be to find warmth if you knew you had to live outside during the coldest time of the year. All living things want to survive, and the heat that your house offers is the best chance at survival when temperatures drop below freezing.

To prevent mice from entering your home, you must seal all vulnerable entry points. Mice can squeeze into very tiny openings, no wider than a pen. Walk your property and seal entries with caulk or hardware mesh. However, if you suspect you have mice already, wait to seal the property until a mice control service can clear your home; otherwise, you will trap the mice.

2. Seeking Food and Water

Beyond seeking warmth, mice need to find a plentiful food supply. Winter is not a lucrative time for wild berries and other food sources. However, the animal can find plenty of nutrition in a house with a pantry, trash cans, and pet food.

Mice do not need a lot of food to survive, so even a few crumbs on the floor after dinner will provide enough nourishment to make it through the day. If you want to keep your house free of rodents, you must eliminate all food and water sources; some ways to do this include:

  • Storing pet food and dry goods in air-tight containers
  • Removing indoor trash daily
  • Vacuuming and sweeping after every meal
  • Doing dishes immediately

3. Remaining Active

Many people assume that mice are inactive or that they hibernate during the winter, which is incorrect. Mice still forage for food, and they remain active all winter long. However, mice may stay in their nests when it is freezing outside or when snow is too high, which is why it can seem like they are less active.

Why You Should Hire Professional Mice Removal Services

If you have a mouse problem, you need to hire pest control in Brampton. DIY removal or elimination methods are ineffective. The problem is likely more significant than you realize, and the only way to resolve it is with professional tools and techniques.

Mice reproduce at high rates, and each new litter does not take long to reach sexual maturity. When you notice a single mouse in your house, you might already have an infestation of hundreds of mice or more.

Have you seen a mouse scurrying across your basement floor or found one gnawing crackers in the pantry? If so, you need to call a professional for help. Contact Truly Nolen Canada to schedule a property assessment and figure out how big your problem is. The service will send a qualified team to inspect your house and determine the extent of the issue.