Burlington Pest Control: Why Are Rodents Attracted to Your Home

Burlington Pest Control Why Are Rodents Attracted to Your Home

Burlington has some attractive homes and neighbourhoods, but it’s not just people who are coming here. Without intentionally doing so, there are habits you might have that are attracting rodents to your area. Understanding what those actions are can help you prevent a rodent infestation, but when you do end up with a problem, you can always call Truly Nolen Canada for pest control in Burlington.

What Attracts Rodents to Homes?

There are a handful of very specific things rodents are looking for. Just like humans, they need food, water and shelter. Your home sounds like the perfect location! When a rodent is on the lookout for somewhere to nest, these things will attract them to your home:

  • Food – Rats don’t really care what kind of food you have; they just want something to eat. They’ll nibble on soap, eat your meat trimmings, take a bite out of leather, down the leftover veggies and drink rotten milk. Rats also eat grass seeds, pet food, birdseed and various other nuts and seeds. Do you have an incredible compost bin? They can smell it from afar. Watch out because rats love broken-down food as well.
  • Water – You obviously haven’t left a bowl of water out for the local rodents, but they’ll find any source of water and use it. Does your washing machine leak? Do you have a broken pipe in the kitchen? Do you leave the toilet lid open? All of these water sources are fair game in a rodent’s mind.
  • ShelterRodents are warm-blooded so they want a warm area to nest. Inside the walls of your home is the perfect location, and attics are also warm enough for a nest. Not only is it warm inside your home, but it protects the rodents from their natural predators, so they’ll hide inside your home all year round. 

What Can You Do About It?

You might feel it’s a lost cause because you need food, water and shelter for your family as well, but there are some things you can do to avoid attracting rodents to your Burlington home. Some of those things include:

  • Maintaining the property – Rats and other rodents often hideout in logs and other piles of debris around the yard. They also look for any holes or cracks they can wiggle their way through to get inside your home. Simple maintenance and regular inspections will help you avoid attracting them. Sweep your deck and clean it out beneath it. Seal cracks and repair holes. Anything you can do by way of property maintenance will help.
  • Tidying up and sealing your food – Rodents will chew through cardboard and plastic, so you want some durable containers for your food storage. Even temporary storage spaces such as a pantry or cupboard should be properly arranged with sealed containers. After each meal, clean up after yourself, wiping down countertops, sweeping the floor and doing the dishes. 
  • Keeping the pet food put away – You should only feed your pet what it will eat at that moment. Any food or water you leave sitting out could attract rodents. You should also keep the pet food in a durable storage container with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Taking out the trash – At the end of every day, make sure your garbage is emptied and your outdoor garbage have secure lids. If you have a compost bin, make sure it is secured at all times.

Getting Professional Help

Even with every ounce of prevention possible, rodents seem to find some way to invade on occasion. If you’re worried about a rodent infestation, you should be sure to let the professionals handle it. Contact Truly Nolen Canada in Burlington for rodent removal services you can count on.