Keep Mice Out Of Your Backyard In Cambridge

Keep Mice Out Of Your Backyard In Cambridge

You probably already know that it can be dangerous to have mice in your home, but mice removal in Cambridge may extend to your backyard as well. Why is it a problem to have mice in your backyard? How do you know if they are there? What can you do to remove them? We have answers to all these important questions.

Why Is It Dangerous To Have Mice in Your Backyard?

Why should you take action if you have mice in your backyard? After all, other forms of wildlife spend time in your backyard, and you don’t worry about them. For one thing, it is a different matter to have wild animals passing through your backyard then it is to have them taking up permanent residence. Furthermore, mice are a special case because, even if they are living outside now, they might not stay there.

Mice are susceptible to extremes of temperature. As the weather grows colder, they start looking for shelter in which to spend the winter months. If they are already in your backyard, your home may start looking like the most convenient place to retreat from the frigid conditions outside. It may be easier for them to get inside than you realize. They only need an opening one-quarter of an inch wide, which they may find from gaps around your doors or windows, access holes for utility pipes, or cracks in the foundation.

How Do You Know if You Have Mice in Your Backyard?

Mice in your backyard may dig burrows underground. You may notice the holes in the ground or see that the surface is uneven because of the tunnels that the mice have dug. You may find that the mice have been in your garden and eaten your plants or the seeds you have planted before they even got a chance to grow. You may notice teeth marks on outdoor pipes, shed doors, or fences where the mice have gnawed on them or come across a nest that they have made around your shed or in a drainpipe.

One of the clearest signs that your yard is infested with mice is if you see one during the day. Mice are nocturnal and generally only come out at night, so seeing one during daylight hours is a pretty clear indication that there are more nearby.

What Can You Do To Keep Them Out?

If you find that your yard is infested with mice, you need to work fast to remove them before they have a chance to move indoors. Here are some steps you can take to deal with the problem.

  1. If you find holes that the mice have dug to reach their burrows, fill these in with dirt or cover them with heavy rocks. This is not a complete or permanent solution as the mice can just dig more holes. However, it can help you to determine whether you are dealing with an active infestation or the leftover signs of a prior one. If the mice dig new holes, you know they are still in your yard.
  2. Remove all potential sources of food from your yard. This can be a challenge because mice will eat just about anything. If you feed pets outside or have a bird feeder, be sure to dispose of any excess promptly and store the food in sealed containers, preferably inside the house. Also, store your trash cans in the garage, preferably with a tightly sealing lid.
  3. Maintain your yard. Keep the grass cut short and clear away any clutter. Store woodpiles and compost away from the house. Depriving mice of hiding places makes your yard less attractive to them.

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Whether the mice are still in your yard or have made their way into your house, our integrated pest management programs are equipped to handle them. Find out more about treatment and prevention options.