Guelph Pest Control: How Do Mice Defend Themselves From Predators?

Guelph Pest Control How Do Mice Defend Themselves From Predators

As small prey animals, it is rare for a mouse to die of old age. They often end up as a meal for larger animals, which is one reason why mice end up seeking shelter inside human habitations, a situation that often requires professional mice control in Guelph. However, nature has not left mice completely helpless. They have some defences that they can use against potential predators to give them a chance of survival. Knowing how to get rid of rodents requires an understanding of the defences they can use.

What Types of Defences Do Mice Have?

Mice have several defences to use against potential predators. Mice are territorial creatures. A mouse’s territory is relatively small; for example, it may extend no further than your house and backyard. Within that territory, mice figure out different escape routes that they can take to safety should a predator threaten them. They may dig bolt holes or choose escape routes that provide plenty of covers to protect them from the eyes of predators. For creatures with such tiny brains, mice are very intelligent and have a good memory, so if a predator threatens, they know exactly where to go, and if one route is blocked, they merely take another.

Mice also take advantage of their small size to evade predators. Mice aren’t very fast runners; they can only travel at speeds of about seven miles per hour when their predators may be able to travel up to 30 miles per hour. However, predators are typically a lot larger than rodents, so the mice know that they can hide in small spaces and the predators should not be able to come after them. This is why mice formulate escape routes that provide cover and stay close to the wall when venturing out in human homes rather than coming out into the middle of the room. If they have to run a long way to find cover, the predator is likely to catch them, but if they stay close to their hiding place, they may make it in time.

Mice typically prefer to run and hide from danger if possible, but if not, they are capable of putting up a fight. A mouse’s teeth are very sharp and very strong proportionate to their small size. Mice also have sharp claws. Biting and scratching may be most effective when mice are fighting an animal approximately the same size as them, but they may be able to do some appreciable damage to a larger predator as well. It may be enough to stall the predator long enough for the mouse to make its escape.

What Should You Do if You Have a Mouse Infestation in Your Home?

A mouse infestation is a big problem that keeps growing bigger from week to week and month to month. However, try not to panic; it is a problem that has a solution.

Don’t hesitate to call professional mice control in Guelph for a suspected rodent infestation. You don’t need to verify whether the rodents are mice or rats. Our technicians can do that for you. If you see signs of infestation, call for help right away.

Even if you believe that you know how to get rid of rodents, don’t attempt do-it-yourself methods of rodent control instead of calling the professionals. Not only are these typically ineffective, but you could also put yourself at risk of exposure to diseases if you attempt removal and cleanup yourself. Instead, choose a pest control company that provides both.

Why Should You Call Truly Nolen for Mice Control in Guelph?

Our methods are safe for your family and the environment and effective at removing rodents permanently from your home and preventing them from coming back. Pest control is easier when the infestation is still small, so contact us right away if you have reason to believe there are rodents in your home.