Guelph Pest Control: What Makes Rats So Smart?

What Makes Rats So Smart

When you start to notice signs of rat activity around your Guelph home, you may wonder what makes these rodents so adaptable to human surroundings and how they manage to get into places you thought were secure, such as sheds and garages. The answer is tied into rat intelligence, and we at Truly Nolen are standing by to help you understand how these creatures think as well as to offer you a variety of options when you need rodent control in Guelph

1. Rats Use Rationality 

Science reveals that rats are among some of the smartest animals on the planet. One Belgian study discovered that rats’ brains are quite similar to those of humans despite the difference in size. There are many neural connections that allow these rodents to use rationality and decision making, such as: 

  • When potential entrances and exits are safe to use 
  • Choosing a nesting area based on past experiences 
  • Recalling past foods sources, such as pet food left outdoors 

This type of intelligence–together with their phenomenal climbing skills–help them avoid predators and enter human homes in ways that other pests cannot. For example, while rats may help themselves to pet food that is stored improperly by chewing through the bag, they may also note when your pets are in the area and when they are indoors so they can forage and raise their babies safely. 

2. They Engage in Decision-Making Behaviors

Many pest species, such as wasps and spiders, rely on instinct to survive. While rats also have sharp instincts, their advanced intelligence allows them to make decisions on factors both past and present. This type of cognitive ability may help them avoid certain traps and create new travel passageways that take them well out of danger when they need an escape route. This can make trapping them with traditional methods, such as spring traps, less effective.

Because of their curiosity, rats may even inspect and nest in your car once they make their way into a garage, where they may chew wires and upholstery to make new nests. They can also pose a serious threat to your wooden patio or deck if they include it in their passageways because of their gnawing. Our methods for rodent control in Guelph take rat intelligence into account because we understand that their presence can put you, your family and your property at risk. 

3. Recall May Increase the Rat Population in Your Home 

While rats are clever, this does not make them welcome guests in and around your home. However, because of that intelligence, a rat may use its memories to decide whether it is a safe place to raise a family. Females can produce as many as several dozen infant rats per year, and once more than one female sets up her nest in your attic, shed or outbuilding, you may find yourself overrun within months. 

When you realize that rats are making themselves comfortable at your Guelph property, you may want to call us for assistance as soon as possible because of the trouble they can cause. Not only can rats transfer lice, fleas and ticks to your pets but they may also cause considerable damage to your home due to their gnawing habits. Their front teeth grow constantly, so they need to chew to keep them at the proper size for eating. They may strip and chew electrical wires and ruin stored furniture with this behaviour. Our technicians have the know-how and equipment to outsmart these clever creatures and will inspect your property before finding and sealing passageways, entrances and exits. 

Rats are highly adaptable because of their intelligence, which can make them difficult to evict once they decide to move into your home. Contact us today for effective rat control solutions and reclaim your Guelph property.