Guelph Pest Removal: 5 Great Facts About Mice

5 Great Facts About Mice!

Mice are fascinating creatures. Their small stature, flexibility, and heightened senses all make them adaptable and well-suited to survival. Unfortunately, everything that makes mice incredible also makes them a prime nuisance for homeowners. If you see mice around your property, call a service specializing in mice removal in Guelph to resolve the issue efficiently and permanently.

Mice populations grow rapidly, and when they find a suitable nesting site inside your house, they will colonize it, resulting in damage and health risks. Understanding what makes the animal interesting is also the key to prevention.

The 5 Most Interesting Facts About Mice

While you don’t want mice in your home, you cannot deny that the species is fascinating. For such a small animal, it can pull off some incredible feats. If you can learn what makes a mouse so interesting, you can improve your home’s defences. Knowledge can also increase the likelihood that you notice signs of rodents before populations get too out of hand. There are at least five things that make mice a fascinating rodent species.

1. They Can Fit in Tiny Holes

Mice have flexible skeletal systems, not rigid ones. The flexibility of their tiny frame means they can contort themselves to fit through openings you might not expect. A mouse can flatten itself to about 6 cm tall, meaning it can fit through gaps about the width of a pencil.

Because a mouse can shimmy its way through small openings, you need to seal any cracks or holes around your house. Look closely at the foundation or where pipes enter the structure. You can use caulk, expanding foam, or wire wool to seal the spaces. Also, you should check the exterior and interior.

However, if you have seen mice inside your home or outside of it near the structure, hold off sealing the property. Contact a local pest control service and have it inspect the property to ensure sealing it will not trap mice inside the home.

2. They Dislike the Cold

Like people, mice dislike the cold. The animals will seek shelter as the fall and winter weather settles in an area. Unfortunately for property owners, residential and commercial buildings represent enticing and temporary nesting sites.

You can reduce the likelihood of mice finding your building suitable by keeping the property clean and storing food and trash correctly. Wash dishes after every meal, store dry goods in airtight containers and throw trash away into garbage bins with lockable lids.

3. They Have Great Hearing

If you see a mouse up close, you will notice it has relatively large ears for such a tiny body. Those ears are not just for show. Mice have excellent hearing. Mice can hear up to 90 kHz, which is an ultrasound. The rodents can also communicate using ultrasonic frequencies.

4. They Have Poor Vision

Mice do not have great vision. The animal sees best in dimly lit spaces, so wall cavities, attic spaces, and basements make magnificent homes for it. While the animal cannot see that well, its other senses make up for it.

5. They Enjoy Chewing and Gnawing

A mouse’s teeth will never stop growing. Its teeth will grow approximately  0.03 cm daily. Because the teeth never stop growing, mice must file them by chewing and gnawing on materials incessantly, creating a potential fire and structural hazard as they do not discern between live wires, structural beams, etc.

The Benefit of Hiring a Pest Control Service

A pest control service in Guelph can help rid your property of mice. A licensed and reputable service will employ qualified technicians to implement several removal strategies and treatment options. Contact Truly Nolen Canada to learn more.