Guelph Pest Removal: Is There A Mouse In Your Christmas Tree?

The holidays are just around the corner. As you budget and save for big gifts, be sure to include an emergency fund for rodent removal in Guelph if you find an unexpected guest during the season of lights. Mice are notorious for sneaking inside and hitching a ride with Christmas trees as they travel from either a farm or a lot to your home. 

You may not realize it at first, but soon your pesky guest will be eating the cookies and milk you leave out for Santa. This year, find out how to avoid the naughty list by calling in professional rodent inspection services to ensure your home is free of pests. 

Trees Are a Natural Home to Mice 

It’s no fault of the mouse that they seek shelter in the substantial branches of Christmas trees. The branches are often full and densely populated, making the trees a perfect resting spot for vulnerable little mice. Climbing comes easy to the mouse, so a quick scurry across the ground and up a tree can save them from predators that may not be so agile or from the freezing winter weather. Mice will not always travel in on Christmas trees. Rodent services will sometimes find that you may have already had a mouse problem, and the new tree simply provided a welcome respite from dark corners or under cabinets, away from pets. 

Trees Provide Food for Mice 

Many people recount ornaments made from fresh-baked gingerbread cookie shapes with glue for icing as one of their favorite holiday memories. Extra spiced deep brown dough with powdery white borders looks stunning against deep green tree limbs. This festive holiday tradition also does double duty as a Christmas smorgasbord for mice. Mice can nibble the ornaments not meant for human consumption like they were made especially for them. Crumbs may be the only reminder of your hard work and sweet memories. 

Lights Create Additional Worry 

If you have chosen to light your indoor tree, you likely spent a few scratchy hours installing the lights yourself. While a bit of sap and tree branch scratches are worth the time and effort for the magic of Christmas, you will feel the frustration if a mouse chews through your wiring in a few days flat. You can either undress the whole tree and relight it, which is a major pain, or spend the rest of the holidays with an unlit tree, which is a shame. 

Outdoor lights aren’t safe from the tiny teeth of mice either. They will nibble from bushes and unsealed holes in the exterior of your home, even if they do not come in on the Christmas tree express. A rodent infection can already be in place before your tree comes home with you. Mice can also use the small spaces where the lighting cords travel to an inside outlet to squeeze their way into your holiday celebration uninvited. 

Nibbles on wiring that create inconveniences of unlit trees or redressing the holiday decor pale compared to the significant electrical damage that mice can cause. Chewing on wires is more than just irritating. As your tree dries out, it is more susceptible to fire, and when wires are gnawed, they may short and spark, creating a fire hazard in your home. Outdoor bushes and decorations are often in similar danger without the lush foliage of the spring and summer months protecting the woody frames of bushes and trees. 

Schedule a consultation with Truly Nolen Canada to ensure that the only guests you have over for your holiday dinner are the ones that you invite. Truly Nolen can help with rodent removal this Christmas in Guelph.