Prevent Mice From Entering Your Home in Guelph

3 Ways Mice Can Enter Your Guelph Home

Mice in your home can be a nuisance and a health hazard. They can spread diseases, damage property, and eat your food. What brings mice to your home are easy entry points and the potential for food access. So, if they can get inside, expect them to head into your kitchen cabinets or pantry and raid your food stash. If you have multiple mice in your home, infestations bring another level of concern. Before it reaches that level, you can begin by identifying and sealing entry points that mice use to enter the home to help prevent them from coming inside from the beginning. Learn how to prepare your home to prevent mice from having easy access and who to call for mice removal in Guelph. 

Garage Door Access

That’s because mice can enter your home through the opened garage. Mice are sneaky and can find their way into minor cracks and crevices.

If you are concerned that you might have a mouse infestation, it’s essential to take action. You can start by making sure that the garage stays shut. You should also keep your garage clean and free of clutter so that mice don’t have anywhere to hide. 

Laundry Vent Access

Mice like to nest in dryer fluff because it is warm and soft. They can be very sneaky and build their nests right next to or inside the dryer. This practice can cause problems with the dryer’s operation and create a fire hazard. 

Mice can also enter your home through the laundry vents. This way is a typical entry for them, as they are small and can fit through tight spaces. It is crucial to keep your eyes peeled on the laundry room for any mice activity signs and clean out the lint trap regularly.

HVAC System Access

Mice are small, agile creatures that can fit through tiny spaces and travel in large groups. Mice are common pests in homes and can quickly enter your home through the HVAC system. They can cause extensive damage by chewing on wires and insulation and spreading disease. You can do several things to prevent mice from entering your home, including keeping your HVAC system clean and properly maintained.

Mice can die inside an HVAC system. Mice will often enter an HVAC system through the intake vents, searching for a warm place to live. Once inside, the mice can become trapped and die from lack of food or water, or exposure to the cold. Keeping the intake vents on your HVAC system covered with a screen to prevent mice from entering is vital.

Mice can and do die inside heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC). This decomposition can cause the system to smell bad. Dead mice may also cause the system to become clogged, reducing efficiency. The last thing your want is airborne illnesses like the Hantavirus travelling through your air vents in your home. 

Professional Access Prevention 

While some people may try to get rid of mice independently, it is often more effective and efficient to use a professional pest control service. There are several reasons why using Truly Nolen’s professional pest control service for mice is the best option. Professional pest control services

  • Have and can use the necessary equipment and training to get rid of mice quickly and effectively
  • Are often guaranteed with contracts and terms 
  • Know exactly how to prevent mice from entering your home in the future 
  • Is more affordable than trying to get rid of mice on your own
  • Can help reduce the amount of stress that comes with an infestation

For more information on preventing or treating a mouse infestation, contact the professionals at Truly Nolen Canada in Guelph today.