Spring Thaw: Pest Problems To Look Out For In Haldimand-Norfolk

Pest Problems To Look Out For In Haldimand-Norfolk

When winter starts to wind down, spring pests may be starting to come out early. After a long, cold winter of snow, ice and sleet, thawing conditions may make your home more vulnerable to problems with different pests, such as mosquitoes, ants or rodents. If you want to protect your property and avoid a spring pest problem, you’ll need to take steps to prevent them from moving in. Truly Nolen Canada can help homeowners develop a strategic plan for residential pest control in Haldimand-Norfolk. Here are things to look out for in the spring when it comes to pest problems.

Moisture and Water Problems

Melting snow and ice may produce an excess of moisture or water around your yard and property. The spring thaw may make the frozen ground moist and soggy around your home. Additionally, spring rain showers may add even more moisture and wetness to your yard.

Moisture and water may attract certain pests and make them flock to your property. Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water and could lay eggs in small puddles. Other types of insects, like carpenter ants, may also be attracted to the humidity and moisture if water starts to collect in and around your property. To prevent bugs from gathering around your home, be sure to keep your yard and property as dry as possible. Put away any items that sit outside and collect water when it rains. Ensure your yard is level so water doesn’t pool around in your yard and attract more insects.

Damage to Your Home

Another issue to look out for during the change in seasons from winter to spring is damage to your home. Frozen temperatures and the elements may have added some wear and tear to your home. It’s best to get professional technicians at Truly Nolen to do a thorough home inspection and get any damage repaired.

The winter weather may have damaged weatherstripping and clogged up your gutters and downspouts. It may also have created some small gaps or cracks in the exterior of your home. To keep your property more secure, clear out clogged gutters, replace weatherstripping and seal up any cracks or gaps around your house.

Plants and Grass Growth

The spring warm-up and thaw also brings more growth with your grass, plants and foliage around your property. Grass, bushes and plants that grow too high and are out of control may help pests take cover and multiply. The best plan of action is to tackle your yard’s new growth right away when the spring thaw starts. Cut the grass regularly and keep your hedges, bushes and other plants neatly trimmed.

If you have any piles of leaves, debris or branches around your yard, be sure to remove them when the spring season starts. These piles could be ideal hiding spots for mosquitoes, ants or other creatures. Additionally, don’t store firewood, furniture or equipment in your yard as those items could also act as potential housing for pests.

Residential Pest Control in Haldimand-Norfolk To Keep Spring Insects Away

Spring is the time of year to invest in house projects that protect your investment. You should also take time and effort to protect your home from spring pests. Call on the experts at Truly Nolen to get the best tips to keep a spring pest infestation out of your home. Truly Nolen offers season-specific strategies to secure your property from mosquitoes, ants and small rodents.

Be proactive this spring and get a head start on keeping your home safe from an infestation. Contact Truly Nolen for more details about residential pest control in Haldimand-Norfolk and mosquito solutions from your property.