How To Keep Mice Out of Storage Areas in Your Kitchener Home

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Storage Areas

Packing up supplies and decorations from the holidays is a chore everyone dreads, but eventually, you have to struggle through it and look forward to next year’s festivities. Since the decorations and other items will not see the light of day for another year, you can take steps to guard your goods from rodents and other pests. Mice are curious animals that enjoy inspecting and gnawing on old boxes and other goodies. Before requesting pest mice control in Kitchener, you can use these methods to keep mice away from your attic, basement or storage shed.

Discarding Edible Decorations and Gifts

Although edible decorations and ornaments are an inexpensive and creative way to express your holiday spirit, they’re not suited for storage or reusing next year. Throwing away your child’s homemade strings of popcorn or cranberries can be difficult, but it’s a necessary step for preventing a mice infestation in your home. If you have gingerbread or pastry ornaments, it’s best to discard them and bake more next year.

Although you can find spray treatments that protect gingerbread and other edible materials from deteriorating, the coating will not deter rodents. All it takes is a piece of gingerbread or candy cane left in a poorly-sealed cardboard box to attract a rodent with an enhanced sense of smell. Mice can eat anything a human enjoys, and sweet cookies are easy targets.

Cleaning Holiday Linens and Decorations

When you have additional friends and family in your house for the holidays, the tablecloths, linens and other holiday decorations can take a lot of abuse from your guests. Spilled wine and cookie crumbs can attract unwanted visitors when the material is boxed up in a storage area. Wash the linens and wipe down the decorations before storing them to remove stains and odors, and use a soft towel to clean ornaments and other more delicate items. Ornaments often get handled by multiple people during the season, and it’s important to clean them and sanitize them before they’re stored. Oily deposits can attract pests and lead them to your holiday supplies.

Checking for Moisture Before Packing

Mice are attracted to bits of food left in decorations, and they’re also on the lookout for moisture and mold. You can prevent mildew and mold from developing on your decorations by ensuring all linens and fabrics are dry before they’re packed. You may have to air dry some materials like stockings or table mats, but you can use an oscillating fan to quicken the drying process.

When you’re bringing in decorations from outside, remember to inspect them for insect cocoons and eggs. Insect larvae can create another pest problem in your storage space, and it’s a food source for nearby rodents. If you’re removing lighting, try to dry off the bulbs and cords to minimize the moisture level in storage.

Using Airtight Containers

Using garbage bags and boxes is convenient when you’re packing away holiday supplies and working quickly to end the sad process. However, cardboard and flimsy plastic are inadequate protection from intelligent rodents. Store your supplies in heavy-duty airtight crates and containers to reduce the holiday aromas and minimize mouse problems.

Cleaning Your Storage Areas

Although it’s not a joyous event, cleaning your storage space can keep your valuable items protected from a rodent invasion. Remove old debris and clutter to reduce the number of possible hiding places for a mouse and use a broom and gloves to clean insect carcasses, bird droppings and other organic material.

Contact Professionals for Help

The previous tips can keep your storage area secure from pests and protect your holiday goods from damage. If your preventative measures fail to prevent rodents from entering your property, call an expert before attempting a DIY solution. At Truly Nolen, our trained technicians can remove unwanted guests and ensure your family is protected in the future. Contact us today for a quote.