Kitchener Pest Removal: 3 Reasons Rats Have Tails

Kitchener Pest Removal 3 Reasons Rats Have Tails!

While domesticated rats can make excellent and fun pets, wild rats are not the same. Rats can be destructive and dangerous if not dealt with correctly by rat removal in Kitchener

However, despite the potential risks, rats are intelligent and fascinating creatures with unique looks. While many people can look at a rat’s face and see a cute furry animal, many others cannot move past the hairless tail of the rodent.

Despite the bald appendage being somewhat offputting, it does serve a purpose. In fact, a rat’s tail is crucial to its survival in three distinct ways.

1. Controls Body Temperature

At first glance, it is easy to view the rat’s tail as a survival disadvantage. After all, it can get caught in different things, and predators can easily snatch it to get ahold of the rat. However, the tail acts as a primary heat loss organ for the critter.

Since rats lack the ability to sweat, they need a way to control body temperature. The animal can control the flow of blood vessels in its tail, allowing it to regulate its body temperature in both hot and cold weather.

When the heat rises, blood vessels open up, allowing more flow through the tail, allowing heat to dissipate. In colder weather, the vessels constrict, preserving warmth in the body.

2. Distracts Predators

Rats sit relatively low on the food chain, meaning the animal has many predators, including cats, snakes, and birds. While the tail is an essential part of the rat’s body, it is less critical than other limbs and organs. 

It is common for a rat to use its tail to distract predators and escape with its life. A tail injury is less life-threatening than a leg or body wound. Additionally, if the tail is amputated, the rat can still survive. Therefore, a rat is willing to sacrifice its tail to live another day.

3. Promotes Balance

One of the primary ways a rat uses its tail is for balance. You can often find rats scurrying across fence lines or thin wires. The tail is vital for balance and maneuvering. In fact, many rats can even use their tails to evade traditional traps.

Because of the animal’s agility and intelligence, DIY methods are ineffective for eliminating a rodent population. You are better off calling in a professional pest control service.

Resolving Rat Problems in Kitchener

People often resort to purchasing traditional rodent traps when they see or believe they have a rat problem. While some of these traps are useful, they are often inhumane, causing unnecessary suffering. Instead of relying on archaic and ineffective tools, it is better to call a professional animal control service. These companies have the expertise and equipment to resolve your problem efficiently and humanely. Additionally, when working with a recognized name, you know you will receive assistance from qualified technicians. Finally, working with a reputable company, you will likely have access to warranties and contractual promises that DIY methods do not provide.

Have you noticed rats around your property? Is there any evidence that rodents have made their way indoors? As a homeowner, you might not have the skillset to determine the extent of your problem or how to fix it, but a pest control specialist does.

If you believe you have a rodent problem, do not hesitate to contact Truly Nolen and schedule a property assessment. Our Kitchener team will promptly send a licensed technician to your property to determine the extent of your problem. That same technician will be able to pinpoint specific issues and identify various solutions in the same afternoon. As one of Canada’s leading pest control agencies, Truly Nolen has you covered.