Common Summer Pests: Identifying and Preventing Infestations in Markham Homes

Common Summer Pests_ Identifying and Preventing Infestations in Markham Homes

Markham homes are susceptible to all sorts of infestation, especially in the summer months. From wasps to carpenter ants, it is vital that homeowners invest in home pest control in Markham to protect their properties.

3 Types of Summer Pest and How To Prevent Them

What is pest control at home? Pest control at home is about using DIY strategies and professional services to prevent pest infestations, including the three most common types of summer pests.

1. Wasps and Bees

Wasps and bees are pollinators, meaning they are essential to the environment. That said, wasps are aggressive creatures and highly territorial. Also, wasps do not lose their stingers like bees after a single sting, meaning they can continue to take out their aggression on any perceived threat.

When working with a licensed and insured pest control service, make sure they do not harm the honey bees on your property. Honey bees are relatively docile, and it is possible and preferred to move their hives rather than destroy them.

Unfortunately, wasps are dangerous despite being necessary to the environment. Some people have deadly allergies to a single wasp sting. While pest control companies will do what they can to ensure the safety of wildlife and humans, sometimes, drastic and unfortunate decisions must be made for the sake of homeowners.

To avoid the elimination of any hives, it is best to work with pest control services on prevention methods. A company like Truly Nolen offers four-season maintenance and care to reduce the risks of developing hives or nests.

2. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a familiar pest in the summer months. The insects are almost unavoidable in outdoor spaces and are essentially the vampires of the insect world. While even mosquitoes have to eat, dealing with the itchy bumps in the aftermath of feeding is annoying.

Still, mosquitoes play a critical role in environmental protection. Sure, they seem useless, but the tiny insects are essential to the food chain, playing a vital role in feeding bats, birds, frogs, and some pollinators.

Mosquitoes will first appear around June, but you want to start prevention efforts sooner. You can hire Truly Nolen to lay down a chemical barrier around your property. Also, you can and should eliminate any sources of stagnant water. Finally, you can install traps and candles to help deter activity in specific areas.

3. Ants

Ants are another common summer pest. Globally, there are over 12,000 ant species, and Canada is home to over 100 of them. The problem is that several ant species in Canada are considered structure-damaging, meaning they can wreak havoc on your home or property.

Carpenter ants are a significant burden to homeowners. Not only do these pests burrow into the wood around your home, but they are not as vulnerable to traditional pesticides or traps. The ants develop widespread and satellite colonies, meaning a treatment in one area may not be enough to eliminate the entire problem.

Like with most infestation risks, home maintenance, including cleanliness, is the primary prevention strategy. You must keep your property well-maintained and clear of debris and food waste. Also, depending on the ant species and the size of the infestation, you’ll need to contact a pest control professional to ensure correct and thorough treatment.

Home Pest Control Near Me

Do you want to ensure your backyard is safe for your children and for gatherings this summer? Do you want to avoid the problems that can stem from insect infestations, like property damage and injuries? Contact Truly Nolen Canada to schedule a property assessment and allow a qualified team of technicians to discuss service options.