Keep Spiders Away From Your Markham Home This Halloween With These Prevention Methods

Keep Spiders Away From Your Markham Home This Halloween With These Prevention Methods

Halloween is a wonderful time of year for families and individuals who love the spookiness of the season. While spider decorations are welcome in October, the real thing is less so. Spiders may be good for the environment, but they are not good for Halloween celebrations. Call spider control in Markham if you have a problem before the festivities.

Spiders typically build webs in areas with access to plenty of food. Most often, spider infestations are secondary to another insect infestation or problem. This Halloween, discover methods for keeping spiders and other insects at bay so you can have a scary, good time.

4 Tips for Spider Prevention This Halloween

Like all living things, spiders need nourishment to survive. For spiders, nourishment comes in the form of various insects. Therefore, learning how to get rid of spiders means learning how to reduce insect populations around your house.

You can keep insects and spiders away from your house by hiring Truly Nolen to treat the exterior of your property. Also, regarding Halloween, there are four things you can do to help deter spiders from building webs and becoming living decorations.

1. Clean Hidden Areas

Not all spiders build their webs out in the open. Many arachnids prefer to hunt and live in darker, hidden areas. You might find a number of webs in bushes, trees, boxes, and outdoor furniture.

Any time you come across a web, knock it down. While spiders may continue to rebuild a web in areas with many insects, they may also move to a new location to avoid interactions with people.

You can also vacuum and sweep around hidden areas. Vacuum up web remnants, dead bugs, egg sacs, and anything else. The cleaner the space and the more you interact with it, the less likely spiders will populate it.

2. Avoid Attracting Other Pests

One thing most homeowners have in common when they call spider control in Markham is an insect problem. Spiders navigate toward an active food supply. If your property has an abundance of insects, you will also have an abundance of arachnids.

Halloween can encourage insects around your property. Incandescent light bulbs, carved pumpkins, and hay bales are all notorious insect attractants. If you use any of these items in your Halloween display, keep them away from your house.

3. Seal Entry Points and Cracks

Spiders may enter your home through open doors and windows or holes and cracks around the structure. You can limit the number of spiders entering your home by sealing cracks and entry points with proper sealants. Also, hire a pest control service to treat the exterior and interior of your home as a deterrent.

4. Ensure Decorations Aren’t Attracting Spiders

While you want to have fun this Halloween season and decorate and carve pumpkins, you also need to ensure that your decorations are not attracting spiders to your property. If you’re going to carve pumpkins, try using foam ones instead of real ones that rot and attract flies and other bugs. Consider skipping the hay bales this year and using foam and plastic crates to mount your decorations instead.

Truly Nolen’s Spider Removal Services

If you want to keep spiders away from your house and Halloween decorations, focus on keeping the area clean and free of other insects. Spider control in Markham can help you treat the area around your home to limit most occurrences, but if you want to ensure your property remains as spider and pest-free as possible, contact Truly Nolen Canada. The service offers a four-season treatment plan to reduce your property’s pest risk.