Markham Pest Control: Why Are Ants Attracted To Your Kitchen Sink?

Markham Pest Control: Why Are Ants Attracted To Your Kitchen Sink?
Carpenter ants and house ants are typical Markham pests, and homeowners may have trouble eradicating them despite their best efforts. Noticing their behaviour patterns, as well as where they tend to congregate, can help you put an end to your ant problem once and for all. Read through our guide and contact Truly Nolen for carpenter ant pest control in Markham.

Carpenter Ant Pest Control in Markham for Your Kitchen

Why are ants attracted to kitchen sinks? Though hanging out near a water source may seem like a dangerous activity for small, vulnerable ants, there are several reasons for this behaviour. Consider whether your ants may be motivated by any of the following reasons:

  • Stopping for a drink of water. Like you and most other living creatures, ants need water to survive. When one ant discovers a water source in your kitchen (even if this means a few drops that sprayed from your kitchen sink), it will alert others in its colony to this space. Soon enough, they will make your kitchen sink an oasis in the otherwise waterless desert of your home.
  • Gathering for quick access to snacks. Ants thrive on crumbs, leftover food on plates, grease, and even pet bowls in the kitchen. Ants may be inspecting the kitchen sink area because they’ve found an easy meal in this area before.
  • Communicating at a convenient meeting place. When many ants swarm around the kitchen sink, they can easily pass on messages to other ants — including communication about the kitchen sink hosting a neverending food and water supply!

Carpenter ant pest control in Markham involves preventing ants from entering your home. It also takes into account why they are invading your kitchen to begin with. Observe your ants to determine why they may be attracted to that area. This will help you, as well as any pest control professionals, understand what’s going on.

How to Prevent Ant Problems Around the Kitchen Sink

When you’ve noticed one or two ants in your kitchen, more are almost certainly likely to follow. Fortunately, there are a few tried-and-true ways to start combating your ant problem. If DIY methods don’t work, or if you’ve already spotted hundreds of ants near your kitchen sink, be sure to call Truly Nolen as soon as possible to start putting a solution in place.

Remove Food Sources

Removing food from the kitchen is obviously easier said than done as you’re never going to be able to pick up every stray crumb. However, it’s possible to reduce food waste being left out on the counter. Put your leftovers in the fridge immediately and make it a point to throw away scraps in a tightly sealed trash can.

Seal Cracks and Crevices

It may be difficult to find the ants’ entry point into your home. If you’re aware of one, don’t delay in closing it up. Depending on the surface, you may use methods such as putty, caulk, or weather stripping to permanently deter ants from entering your home and finding the kitchen sink. Usually, it’s a better idea to search for “carpenter ant control near me” or call your local pest control company to assist you in finding and selling cracks and crevices to stop ants from entering altogether.

Call Truly Nolen for Carpenter Ant Pest Control in Markham

Have you tried several DIY ant removal methods that didn’t seem to work? If you’re still trying to figure out how to get rid of carpenter ants or smaller house ants near your kitchen sink, contact Truly Nolen today to schedule your inspection for carpenter ant pest control in Markham.