Markham Pest Control: 3 Effective Ways to Keep Rats Out of Your Yard

Markham Pest Control: 3 Effective Ways to Keep Rats Out of Your Yard

Rats are destructive rodents that can carry diseases. While they usually avoid contact with humans, they can become aggressive in a confrontation. Rats in your yard make it more likely that they will eventually make their way into your house. If you already have a rodent problem, rat control in Markham can get rid of them, but there are things you can do to deter them from your property in the first place.

Keep Garages and Sheds Secure

An outbuilding, such as a shed or garage, is often the first step for rats before they get into your home. These places are attractive to rats because they provide shelter, and sometimes food, yet humans rarely go there.

Inspect the doors and any windows of your garage or shed to make sure there are no gaps around them through which a rat can get through. Rats have flexible skeletons that they can compress to squeeze through openings that seem impossibly small. Plus, they are good climbers and because of this, it may be necessary to replace a door or window completely to deny the rats access.

Rats can also squeeze through openings such as roof vents. You can prevent rats from getting in without closing off the vents completely by installing a mesh made of sturdy wire over the openings.

Get Rid of Water Sources

Like all other living things, rats need water to survive. They get some hydration from the food they eat, but they also have to drink water, especially if it has been a while since they’ve eaten. You can keep rats from your property by getting rid of any water sources from which they can drink. This means fixing any leaks from outdoor water spigots and putting away hoses and other gardening equipment when you are finished using them. It means draining puddles and avoiding leaving anything outside that could collect water. Unfortunately, it could also mean getting rid of water features that help to beautify your yard, such as fountains or ponds, or at least draining them temporarily.

Store Trash Securely

What is the best way to control rats? Like other rodents, rats are highly motivated by food. They are omnivorous and will consume anything that is edible. They are attracted to garbage because of its strong smell, and much of the food that humans throw away is still edible for a rat, though unappetizing to a human. Therefore, one of the best ways to prevent rats from getting on your property is to secure your garbage so they can’t get to it. This also helps to prevent intrusion by other forms of wildlife, such as squirrels and raccoons.

Store garbage in trash cans with a built-in locking mechanism on the lid. This helps to secure trash from hungry animals. You can also purchase a trash can with a heavy, tightly sealed lid. Some trash cans come with a loop that allows you to keep them closed with a padlock.

If you have successfully secured your garage or shed against rats, you can store the trash cans in these structures until it is time to put them out for collection. Rats are nocturnal, so if you can avoid putting the trash out overnight, rats are less likely to get in it.

Remove All Potential Food Sources

Garbage is only one food source that may attract rats to your property. For example, if you have pets, avoid feeding them outside and remove any waste from your yard. Pet food and excrement can both attract rats.

If you have taken prevention steps and still have rodents in your yard, you may wonder, “Should I call rat control near me?” A prompt call to Truly Nolen can take care of the rat problem before the rodents get into your house. Call us for a pest assessment.