Markham Rodent Control: Do Mice Like Cheese?

Do Mice Like Cheese

It’s a classic cartoon troupe: a character sets up a mousetrap, replete with a piece of cheese, and the wily mouse finds a way to snatch the cheese off the trap without ever getting caught. Or, conversely, the mouse does get caught because of its inability to resist a good cheddar. Whatever the case, Hollywood has long perpetuated the stereotype that mice love cheese, but is this really the case? If you are interested in mice removal in Markham , your cheese-as-bait tactics may disappoint. What may help is understanding what foods really attract mice and, more importantly, who to hire for rodent control.

Is It True That Mice Like Cheese?

While it is not not true that mice like cheese, the truth is that mice will eat just about anything, including cheese. That said, if the preferred foods of mice are available, the little rodents will readily go for them over dairy products. Not only that, but if other foods are available, mice will generally avoid cheese and other pungent-smelling substances.

You may wonder, though, where the misconception that mice like cheese came from. Centuries ago, cheese used to be stored in open cellars. As a result, it was readily available for scavengers, such as mice, thereby triggering the notion that mice prefer cheese over other foods.

Types of Food Mice Prefer

If you hope to eradicate a rodent problem in your home, the best thing you can do is contact pest control in Markham. Professionals can identify the type of rodent invading your space and, in the process, inform you of the types of foods it prefers. If mice are, in fact, the culprit, your technician may attempt to lure them in with one or more of the following foods:

  • Nuts
  • Sweet fruits and berries
  • Most kinds of meat
  • Pet food
  • Grains and seeds
  • Plants
  • Dinner leftovers

In addition to these foods, mice are attracted to certain environmental conditions and fabrics. Those include warmth, clutter and materials out of which they can make nests.

Mice Removal Requires Much More Than Cheese

If you’re hoping to rid your home of rodents and keep it rodent-free for good, you are going to need much more than cheese, or any other of the rodent’s preferred foods. You will most likely need the help of a trained technician.

At Truly Nolen, we build custom rodent removal strategies that address both the unique characteristics of your home and the lifecycles of the pests in question. In doing so, we can prevent mice from reentering your home year-round. Our rodent removal and repellent strategies entail the following measures:

  • Exclusion: Rodent removal measures are for naught if you cannot keep pests out of your home. A Truly Nolen technician will assess your home for all possible points of entry and seal them off to prevent future infestations. In excluding rodents, you effectively remove any environments, foods or textures rodents typically seek out for their survival.
  • Traps: Once our technicians seal off all points of entry, they will take immediate action to reduce the population. This typically involves setting traps with bait. Though this process may take some time, consistent efforts yield noticeable results.
  • Vector Control: Finally, and once the rodent population is under control, our technicians will help clean your home of any vectors that typically come along with rodent populations. Those include but are not limited to roaches, fleas, ticks and mites. These insects often use rodents as hosts and are carriers of several diseases that could threaten the health of your family, your pets and your home.

While it is true that mice will eat cheese, cheese is not necessarily the kryptonite Hollywood or folklore would have you believe. There are more effective ways to attract and capture mice, many of which our mice removal technicians at Truly Nolen are familiar with. For help ridding your home of rodents and keeping it clean, look into professional pest removal today.