Milton Pest Control: Do Mice Make Good Pets?

Milton Mice Control_ Do Mice Make Good Pets_

While dogs and cats make up the majority of pets in Canada, mice can make good pets for those who are looking for a smaller, quieter animal that is less likely to get fur on the carpets and furniture. However, many people think of these rodents as a nuisance, hence the number of people who provide mice removal and commercial pest control in Milton. This has led to many misconceptions about having mice as pets, and while it is true that you should not take in wild mice to care for, domesticated mice can indeed make good companions. Here are some commonly asked questions and things to know about having mice as pets. 

What Kinds of Pets Are Mice?

Domestic mice come in a variety of sizes, fur lengths, and colours, including brown, black, white, and calico. You can even decide whether you would like a mouse with or without a tail. Though their personalities vary, mice are generally very friendly and playful. Mice will form bonds with the people who handle them, much the same way that cats and dogs do, and will get excited when their owner enters the room. Mice occasionally bite when they are frightened or distressed, just as any animal reacts to stress or pain. 

Mice are also very intelligent and can learn tricks, figure out puzzles, run through mazes, and even be trained to use a litter box like a cat. Studies have shown that mice and rats can figure things out just as well as a dog can. Mice have an excellent sense of smell and hearing, which is an evolutionary trait that helps them stay safe from predators. 

Do Mice Spread Disease? 

Yes, mice can carry and spread disease through their urine and fecal matter, like other pets and animals. Mice can carry such things as salmonella, leptospirosis, ringworm, and rat-bite fever. Some indicators that your pet mouse might be carrying a disease include diarrhea and hair loss, although the carrier may be asymptomatic. Fortunately, it is very uncommon for mouse owners to get one of these diseases, and most of these conditions are treatable if caught early. 

Contrary to what many humans think, mice are very clean creatures. They are constantly grooming and have a dislike of cages that become too dirty. One of the things that make mice so easy to care for is the fact that they require little to no grooming on the part of their human caretaker. Because they live outside, wild mice are much more likely to carry disease than pet mice, so contact a professional pest control service if you believe you have unwanted rodents in your home. 

Are Mice Easy To Take Care Of? 

Yes, in addition to the lack of grooming required, mice are quite easy to take care of overall. They need a cage with paper bedding, food, and water, all of which should be cleaned and changed frequently. In addition to pellets, mice eat grains, seeds, fruits, cereal, and vegetables. They should also have something to chew on to keep their teeth from growing too much.

Make sure to give your mouse regular exercise and human interaction, and take care to handle them properly since they can be squirmy and get hurt if they fall to the ground. In addition to having minimal needs, mice are quiet pets who should not wake you up with barking or meowing demands for food. 

If you have a mouse problem in your house that does not involve your domesticated pet rodent, contact Truly Nolen Canada. Our pest control specialists in Milton are here to handle your pest problem safely and efficiently.