How Are Mice Getting In Your Niagara Home?

How Are Mice Getting In Your Niagara Home

Few things in life will send you jumping on top of a chair. Having unexpected visitors like mice dash across your feet will do just that. When you see one mouse, there likely are more to follow. Calling mice removal in Niagara should be your first step when you spot a mouse. But the question remains, how did it get inside? Read on to learn more about four locations in your home mice love to frequent.

The Bathroom

Mice relieve themselves anywhere they want, so why hang out in the bathroom? Mice are attracted to pooled water, and the bathroom is the perfect spot. Many people think mice enter the bathroom through pipes. That’s unlikely to be true because mice are not strong swimmers. Entering through a line that leads to a water-filled toilet spells certain doom. Most likely, they entered through an opening somewhere else in the home. Check baseboards and walls for any slight gap that might accommodate a mouse. The tiniest crack may be the offender. Mice only need ¼ inch opening to make their way through.

The Basement

Like the bathroom, water may attract mice to the basement. Basements prone to leaking or flooding are prime locations for mice to congregate. A washer and dryer in the basement also offer a surprising entry point. An uncovered exterior dryer vent is a perfect passageway. Once inside, these crafty critters have easy access to the rest of your home. Other entry points in the basement include external doors, windows, or garage doors. Check door and window seals for chew marks or small holes. When you need help, allow Truly Nolen in Niagara to do the work. Part of our services includes locating and sealing potential entry points.

The Attic

Attics are quiet, away from people, and filled with boxes of seldom-used items. A container of holiday garland can quickly become a birthing suite for a mother mouse. Listen for scratching sounds from above. Mice are nocturnal, so you’ll likely hear them at night when they’re most active. If mice are in the attic, be cautious when sifting through your belongings. You may unexpectedly come across a mouse and her babies. Mice will generally jump and run away when they see you. However, they could bite if taken by surprise. Mice can spread diseases to humans, such as salmonella or hantavirus. If you touch anything occupied by a mouse, wash your hands thoroughly. You may need to discard chewed or soiled items. With so many places to hide in an attic, it’s often challenging to locate mice. The best course of action is to contact a pest control expert.

The Walls

Often, you may notice mouse droppings before you see an actual animal. Droppings are minuscule and usually found inside cabinets or along baseboards. If you’ve discovered droppings but can’t locate the mice, listen to the walls. You’ll likely be able to hear them at night when it’s quiet. Listen closely for scratching noises in the walls, and you may be able to locate their nest. If mice live in your walls, they will venture out for food. Be sure to seal all food in the kitchen, including pet food. Vacuum often to clear crumbs around the house. If food isn’t easy to find, mice may not want to stay. 

Mice adore bathrooms, basements, attics, and walls. Don’t let these creatures make your house their home. Contact Truly Nolen at the first sign of a mouse to prevent an infestation before it starts. We’ll quickly locate and remove these pests. Once they’re out, we’ll provide prevention techniques to keep them out. With Truly Nolen in Niagara on your side, mice will scurry away for good.