Why Hire Truly Nolen in Niagara For Winter Rodent Control?

Why Hire Truly Nolen For Winter Rodent Control
There is a perception that there is no need for pest control during the winter because most nuisance species go dormant during this time. This may be true of insects, but it is not true of every species that might take up residence during your home. Mice and rats actually become more active in human habitations during the winter. You may have an infestation requiring rodent removal in Niagara.

Why Might You Need Rodent Removal in Niagara During the Winter?

In the spring and summer when the weather is warm, rodents typically stay outside foraging for food, which is plentiful. As the weather turns colder, food becomes more scarce, and rodents start looking for warm places to shelter through the winter.

Rats and mice do not hibernate, so they typically need to eat large amounts of food to keep up their body temperature during the winter. However, because human habitations are heated, the rodents’ bodies do not need to work as hard to keep warm. Human homes can also offer easy access to food. Both rats and mice are omnivorous, meaning that they can eat whatever is accessible to them. They also have powerful jaws and front teeth that allow them to gnaw through some tough materials. While storage containers made of hard plastic should foil them, they can easily gnaw holes in cardboard boxes or plastic bags.

Having rodents in your home is not just inconvenient, it is potentially dangerous. Rats and mice can expose you to diseases through their excrement or parasites. A rodent infection can sometimes be life-threatening. They can also cause extensive property damage to your home: damaging furniture, ripping up insulation, and chewing on electrical wires.

Once the weather warms up again, mice and rats typically return to foraging outside for food. However, having found a nice, warm place to stay inside your home, they often keep it as their base of operations, returning there to sleep after a night of foraging. This can lead to additional problems in your yard, such as holes and burrows that could pose a tripping hazard.

Why Should You Choose Truly Nolen for Rodent Services?

With years of experience in pest control, our technicians can identify the type of rodent that has infested your home. The type of pest makes a difference to the techniques used to combat the problem, and whether it be rats or mice, we can offer an effective solution.

We understand that you and your family lead busy lives. Our techniques are non-disruptive so that you can go about your regular routine while the treatment is going on. We also know that safety is an important concern, not only for your family but for your pets. We share your concerns and offer pet-friendly solutions.

Our rodent services go beyond merely treating a current infestation. We know that, given the opportunity, rats and mice will return to your home. Part of the service that we offer to homeowners is to perform a rodent inspection during which we identify potential entry points and seal them up for you so that the rats and mice cannot get back inside. As a layperson, it can be difficult for you to see and identify holes that can allow rodents to gain access to your home. Rats and mice have the ability to squeeze their bodies through seemingly impossibly small openings. You might not notice such small cracks and crevices, but our technicians are trained to know what to look for. We also know how to seal the entry points effectively against rodent incursion.

You do not have to have a current infestation to take advantage of our rodent services. Because it is preferable to avoid an infestation, we also do preventive work. Find out more about rodent removal in Niagara from Truly Nolen.