Richmond Hill Pest Control: Can Mice Start House Fires?

Richmond Hill Pest Control Can Mice Start House Fires

Many homeowners do not understand the damage a tiny mouse can cause. According to mice removal services, even a single rodent can cause tremendous property damage. However, there is rarely, if ever, only a single mouse causing problems in a house.

Mice reproduce at rapid rates and reach sexual maturity quickly. A house may start out only having two mice, but in six months, it has hundreds, and in a year, potentially thousands. Those mice present significant health and safety risks to you and your family.

Growing Teeth and Fire Risks

Fire risks are a legitimate concern with any size of rodent infestation. Mice have a constant need to chew. The animal’s teeth never stop growing, so gnawing helps it shave down and shape its teeth, keeping them inside its mouth. If a mouse doesn’t chew and gnaw on anything it gets its paws on, its teeth will continue to grow, eventually growing through its skull, possibly making it impossible to eat.

Unfortunately for homeowners, mice do not discriminate with chewing materials. The animal will gnaw on everything from wood to insulation to electrical wires, which is where the fire risk occurs.

The risks are even more dangerous when caused by mice because the damage to the electrical system doesn’t occur in visible areas. If a mouse starts a fire, it occurs within the home’s walls, quickly spreading from one floor to the next.

Mice may also help push the fire along with extra kindling. When building its nest, a mouse will collect soft materials from nearby spaces. If it is in a home, the mouse will probably use insulation, paper, fabrics, etc. Many materials used for nest building are flammable, only increasing the risk of a fast-moving fire.

Preventing Mice

The best way to protect your family is by implementing prevention strategies. Many people do not realize how they may contribute to a mouse infestation.

Mice require three things: shelter, food, and water. As a homeowner, your job is to eliminate access to these things to all wildlife.

The first thing you can do is adopt a daily cleaning schedule. After every meal, clean the dishes and sweep and vacuum floors. Also, take out the garbage and put it in a sealed container.

You’ll also want to focus on exterior maintenance. Don’t let your yard become overgrown. Stick to a weekly cutting schedule. Also, clean up any yard debris, like piles of leaves or sticks. Debris encourages rodents to come and make nests on your property.

Also, do not feed your pets outside, and if possible, stop feeding birds and other wildlife. You’ll also want to store your pet’s food indoors in sealed containers.

Finally, walk around the outside of your house and look for little cracks or openings in the walls or foundation. Use caulk to seal all open spaces. However, if you believe you already have an infestation, wait to seal entry points until you speak with a pest control specialist.

Hiring Help

Because rodents can carry diseases, it is best to let pest control in Richmond Hill handle exclusion and mitigation. While many homeowners prefer to try DIY methods to save some money, the methods are often ineffective and risky. Hiring a professional service comes with guarantees and expertise.

Mice are cute, little, furry critters, but they can wreak havoc on a property once they make their way inside. While there are many concerns when dealing with a rodent infestation, the biggest threat to your family is the fire risk. Contact Truly Nolen Canada for help. You can schedule an emergency visit to your property to learn how to deal with the growing rodent population around your property and receive trusted assistance in reclaiming your home.