3 Things Attracting Carpenter Ants To Your Thornhill Home

3 Things Attracting Carpenter Ants To Your Thornhill Home

Carpenter ants are not unique when it comes to their motivations. The ants are motivated by the survival essentials of any species, specifically food, water, and shelter. If you can eliminate access to each element, you reduce the risks of infestations. A service specializing in carpenter ant removal in Thornhill can help resolve any existing problems you may have.

3 Things Attracting Ants and Other Insects

Resolving a carpenter ant infestation is especially important because of how destructive the species can be. Carpenter ants burrow into wood beams and structures to build colonies and satellite colonies. The larger the colonies become, the weaker the infested structure becomes. 

Houses and commercial buildings, especially those with prominent wooden pieces and structures, are prime targets of carpenter ants. To protect your home, you must ensure the wood is healthy and free of damage and moisture. Also, you need to eliminate the things attracting ants to your property.

1. Food

Carpenter ants are drawn to sources of protein and sugar. Leftovers present feasting grounds for a hungry and searching hoard of ants. If you don’t want to entice ants, clean up after every meal. You will need to wash dishes, wipe down counters, sweep, and vacuum floors. Also, as ants are prone to searching through trash, you’ll want to take the trash out daily and put it in a sealed can.

Human food is not the only thing ants will eat. Ants will also make a meal from left-out pet food or open pet food bags. It is best to only put food down for your animals when they are going to eat. As soon as they finish, wash the dishes and seal pet food bins or bags.

2. Moisture

Ants need water to survive. Carpenter ants also need moisture to make it easier to burrow through wood. You should check any exposed timber around your home to find damp or moisture-damaged pieces. Replace and repair anything you see. Also, look for any leaks or locations of standing water around your property, especially those close to the structure. Again, repair the damage.

3. Debris

Ants will search through trash to find a meal. Also, if you have rotting or moist wood on your property, it is advertising that carpenter ants are welcome. Yard debris, old firewood stacks, etc., are all potential nesting sites for carpenter ants. It is crucial you remove these elements to contribute to pest prevention. 

Hire a Pest Control Service To Reduce Pest Infestation Risks

Besides keeping your property neat and tidy and cleaning up after every meal, you can hire a pest control service to keep pests out of and away from your house or building. A pest control service like Truly Nolen will use various techniques and tools to reduce pest risks and prevent property damage.

When it comes to carpenter ant control, the service will use sprays, baits, and other techniques to get to the heart of the colony. A colony is usually only as strong as its queen. Unfortunately, queens can live up to 25 years. Hiring pest control services is your best option for eliminating any existing infestation and preventing the next.

Did you see carpenter ants close to your house or inside it? Contact Truly Nolen Canada and request a property inspection. As a pest control service for over 80 years, Truly Nolen is recognized as an industry leader. With franchises in the Thornhill region, it is well-situated to respond to pest control needs with urgency and efficiency. After you call and schedule an inspection, you can expect a team of pest control technicians to visit your property and assess the extent of any existing problem.