Thornhill Pest Control: The Difference Between House Mice and Field Mice

Thornhill Pest Control: The Difference Between House Mice and Field Mice

If you are looking for mice removal in Thornhill, then knowing which species you are sharing quarters with is important. Of the five types of mice living in Ontario, only two make themselves at home inside human residences. One culprit is the aptly named house mouse, and the other goes by the nickname of a field mouse. Here are the main differences to look for between house and field mice and some signs you have an infestation.

Determining When You Need House or Field Mice Removal in Thornhill

If you are uncertain whether you should start searching the internet for mice removal near me, look for the following tell-tale signs of a mouse infestation that might require professional help:

  • Small, black droppings that are pointed on the ends
  • Smell of urine
  • Chew marks on baseboards or food containers
  • Greasy marks along walls
  • Nests made of insulation, paper, or fabric

Once you are sure mice are inside your house, you may want to determine which type of mice you have. Field mice, which are better known as deer mice, are found outdoors throughout Ontario. If you live in a rural area, then these little opportunists may have taken shelter in the warmth of your home. If you live in town, however, then house mice are the most likely invaders. When you arrange for mice removal in Thornhill, Truly Nolen can identify the species for you.

Telling the Difference Between House Mice and Field Mice

If you do get a good look at a mouse, you can usually tell which species it is. House mice are small, completely brown, with hairy tails and big ears. In contrast, here are the characteristics of a deer mouse:

  • Larger size
  • White tummy and feet
  • Small ears
  • Naked tail that is dark on top and light on the bottom

Without observing a mouse up close, one sure way to tell you have field mice is by the presence of food stored in unusual locations. Field mice are hoarders that stash pet food or other food scraps in strange hiding places such as furniture, shoes, or appliances. House mice, on the other hand, eat food where they find it and do not hoard their food.

Keeping Field and House Mice out of Your Home

Mice often first invade a home because food attracts them there. Bringing pet food bowls in at night and keeping bird feeders several meters from the house are good ways to prevent mice from getting too close. Other sources of food to remove are dirty grills, compost piles, and accessible garbage cans. If mice are already indoors, then keep dry goods inside sealed containers.

No matter the species, mice invade homes because they are trying to survive. Your house provides warmth, food, and a safe place to raise their young. However, our team can make it less likely that mice find their way in. We can inspect the outside of your house for small openings where a mouse could slip inside and seal them up.

Contacting Truly Nolen for Mice Removal in Thornhill

What is the best pest control for mice? Truly Nolen of Thornhill knows that the answer depends on your unique situation and the type of mice you have. Our main strategies include trapping the rodents already inside and preventing more from coming in. We also specialize in controlling the disease-carrying vectors such as ticks and fleas that mice carry.

Before taking any action, we will first inspect your home from top to bottom to determine what type of mice you have and where they are getting in. Then we will determine a plan of action that best suits your needs. For the most effective mice removal in Thornhill, contact Truly Nolen for an inspection today by phone.