Thornhill Pest Removal: 4 Effective Ways to Keep Pigeons Away From Your Business

Thornhill Pest Removal: 4 Effective Ways to Keep Pigeons Away From Your Business

If you own a business, you know that having pests in the area can dissuade customers from coming into your building, and pigeons are one such creature that some people greatly avoid. If you have a pigeon or other bird problem at your company, you might choose to look for a service such as commercial pest control in Thornhill. Here are four effective ways that you can work with a bird control service to keep pigeons away from your business.

1. Place Decoys by Bird Control in Thornhill on the Property

Like many other species, birds can be territorial and will back off if they see something that they consider as competition at their desired place of residence. Decoys that work well for pigeons include:

  • Larger predator birds such as falcons and owls
  • Other predator species, like snakes and foxes
  • A scarecrow or other statue that resembles a human

Commercial pest control near me can give you advice on the best location to place such a decoy, as well as what decoy will be most effective in a given area. For example, a scarecrow might be less effective in a location that already sees a large number of people, but a decoy such as a large owl might work well.

2. Consider Bird Spikes

Birds think twice about landing in an unsafe location, and a space with bird spikes is one such area. While on first thought it may seem like placing spikes are an inhumane way to keep birds away, they are actually very humane in that they deter pigeons from considering that location to build a nest in the first place. This constitutes a win-win as pigeons find a more hospitable location to take up residence and owners of commercial spaces no longer have to worry about how to get rid of birds.

Some common places to place bird spikes include windowsills, the edge of the roof or on the eaves. Because these are difficult-to-reach places, it is best to hire a technician with experience in installing spikes higher off the ground.

3. Stay Neat and Clean

While taking care of an existing bird invasion should always be done by professionals, one easy thing that business owners can do themselves to prevent invasions is to keep their space tidy. This may be particularly difficult if you own a restaurant or other space where people eat outdoors, since most birds are attracted to the food scraps that diners tend to leave behind. However, it can be done, so consider the following cleanliness guidelines to keep pigeons away from your business:

  • Take the trash out on a regular basis, and ensure that the garbage is stored in a secure container
  • Wipe down floors, tables and other surfaces shortly after guests use them
  • Consider installing bird netting around patios where pigeons might congregate

If keeping your space clean and tidy is not enough, you may have something on your hands that you cannot deal with aside from getting professional help. Bird control services near me know how to get rid of pigeons safely and humanely, with the goal of you not ever having to deal with them again around your commercial business.

Pigeons and Bird Control in Thornhill

Pigeons are just one of the species that bird control in Thornhill takes care of for commercial businesses. While business owners can take some preventative pest control measures, we never recommend that amateurs get rid of birds on their own. If you are in need of assistance with any of these ways to keep pigeons away, contact Truly Nolen Canada as soon as possible to learn more about our services.