Thornhill Commercial Pest Control: What Kind Of Pests Are In Your Retail Store?

Retail Store

Retail stores can include anything from fine furniture sales to resale locations. Because of the variety of retail services and operations, there are numerous pest species that can infiltrate different areas. Ask any commercial pest control services in Thornhill, and they will explain that retail calls are some of the most interesting they receive.

From birds to bed bugs, there is no telling what type of issues a retail location might deal with. Still, regardless of the pests, there are prevention and protection strategies or services store owners can use to ensure their businesses can survive. However, before discussing removal and management strategies, it is essential to understand what types of pests are more likely in retail situations.

1. Bed Bugs

If your business is a resale business, you might deal with a bed bug infestation at some point. Bed bugs are brownish in colour and very small. They tend to congregate in porous materials, such as fabrics, bedding, furniture, clothing, etc. The bugs feed off the blood of animals and humans, and they tend to feed at night.

Bed bug populations evolve quickly, so they should be dealt with quickly. If you find that bed bugs have contaminated materials in your store, you should contact a pest control specialist immediately and take any proper health precautions as well.

2. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are attracted to debris, garbage, and moisture. Restaurants are typically more likely to deal with these bugs, but retail shops can also become homes to the brown and persistent insects. 

If you have a lot of people coming and going from your shop throughout the day, it is challenging to maintain clean floors. Additionally, if you have a public restroom, the excessive use of plumbing can result in small leaks. All a cockroach needs are food and water. 

Additionally, many stores are empty and free of people for significant portions of the evenings. Cockroaches will find the alone time appealing, especially with darkness and plenty of available hiding places during the day.

3. Mice and Rats

Like most living things, Rodents want a safe place to rest and access to food and water. Retail shops provide shelter, warmth, and safety. If there is access to trash bins or staff lunchrooms, the animals might find enough options for food to keep them happy for a long time.

The main issue with rats and mice is the rate of reproduction. What might start as only a couple of mice can quickly evolve to a massive infestation of hundreds of rodents in only a few short months. Therefore, if you see mice in your building or around the premises, contact a pest control specialist for a property assessment.

4. Flies

Many retail shops deal with fly problems. The constant opening and closing of doors provide easy entry to the small flying insects, but it does not offer a quick escape once inside. 

While the first thought for elimination or removal is to use fly sprays, your customers might not appreciate breathing in chemicals. Instead of using household sprays, contact a pest control company for other, more sustainable options.

Obviously, more than these four pests can invade and disturb your business. Still, as with the above bugs and animals, the best way to deal with the problem is to use a professional service. Truly Nolen Canada is one of Thornhill’s top pest control services, and its reputation precedes it. Contact the company to schedule an initial property assessment. The company will send a qualified technician to review your commercial space and make service suggestions. As soon as you sign on the dotted line, Truly Nolen will schedule your first pest control session.