Thornhill Pest Control: What Does a Rodent Infestation Smell Like?

Rodent Infestation Smell Like

Because rodents live in the crevices of your home, you may have an infestation of rats or mice even if you don’t see the pesky creatures. Rodents are notorious for carrying contagious diseases and causing damage to the structure of your home, so you don’t want to have them as roommates, but you can’t call a professional for pest control in Thornhill if you don’t know you’re dealing with an infestation. Here are three smells you should watch out for that could indicate that you have rodents in your home.

1. Ammonia

Mouse urine smells like ammonia. You probably recognize the smell of the chemical because it’s used in a lot of cleaning supplies, but it’s not a pleasant aroma. You may smell the odour throughout your house, but it will likely be strongest in dark, enclosed spaces such as cabinets. Try to check these spaces frequently for other signs of mice if you’re worried about a possible infestation.

2. Poop Smell

Mice urinate and defecate all over your home. They do not have a certain place to relieve themselves, so the smell of rodent waste can easily travel throughout your house. You may not see the droppings because they are often hidden in a building’s inner recesses, but if you can’t get rid of the odour in your home, it’s a good indication that there are rodents living in your house. The stronger the smell is, the more mice you have as roommates.

3. Musky Odour

Rodents are not clean creatures, so they often have a musty smell that could spread throughout your entire home. This odour will get stronger as more mice take up residence. The problem will likely get worse when mice start to die because rodents typically move off on their own to die. As their body starts to decompose, you may start to smell a pungent odour that is clearly distinct from the other smells in your house. It is noxious because of the gases that are produced by the dead rodent’s body, and once you smell it you won’t ever forget it.

What To Do If You Have Rodents in Your Home

You may not think that one mouse can cause much of a problem until you research “how long do mice live?”. A single mouse can live for up to 18 months if it has access to food and water and is not killed by a predator. When you think about the fact that mice have gestation periods of only three weeks and give birth to up to 12 babies at a time, you start to realize how quickly an infestation can take over your home. It’s never a good idea to ignore a single mouse because chances are good that you have many more rodents that you haven’t seen.

You can try to trap the rodents yourself, but this method is rarely successful in taking care of an infestation. It’s always best to defer to a professional who has the tools and knowledge to locate all of the rodents in your home and remove them quickly and efficiently. If you let the experts at Truly Nolen help you with pest control in Thornhill, we’ll even help you figure out how the rodents got into your home so that you can block potential points of entry and keep rats and mice out of your house in the future.

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