3 Dangers of a Mouse Infestation in Toronto

Mouse Infestation

You may know that a mouse infestation is not a good thing, but you may not see the problem in harbouring a single rodent in your home. How much damage can one mouse cause? The answer may surprise you. Here’s why you should always take quick action for mice control in Toronto even if you only have one rodent living in your home.

Mice Multiply Quickly

The biggest reason to take immediate action whenever you have a single mouse in your home is that the rodents can reproduce quickly. Female mice give birth to litters that average 6 babies at a time, but they have been known to have up to 12 pups at one time. While these large litters can be troubling, the bigger problem is that mice can get pregnant immediately after giving birth, so you can easily have two litters within a month. When you take into consideration the fact that a single mouse can get pregnant up to 10 times a year, you start to see the problem.

Once the baby female mice reach maturity, they will start having babies that add to the problem. Having one or two mice in your home can become a full-blown infestation within just a few months. If you get rid of the mice as soon as you notice them living in your house, you can take action before they start to multiply so that you never have to deal with a mouse infestation. It’s important to note that you should never attempt mouse removal on your own because if you miss even a single rodent, you will have the same problem.

Mice Cause Damage to Your House

You probably won’t see mice often because they tend to live in the crevices of your home. However, they can cause significant amounts of damage to the places you do not see. If they get into your food supply, mice can ruin your groceries. They also gnaw on wood and baseboards and could damage the internal structure of your home. However, the most significant damage they cause is when they chew on electrical wires. This can damage many of the expensive electronics in your house and increase your risk of having an electrical fire. Mice also like to use common household materials to line their nests with, so they may pull insulation from your walls or fibres from your carpet to make their nests more comfortable.

Mice Carry Disease

Mice are notorious for carrying diseases that could be harmful to either you or your pets. You can be exposed to these diseases whenever you handle mouse droppings. Your pets may be exposed to sickness if they eat infected mice. The best way to keep your entire family safe from preventable diseases carried by rodents is to make sure mice stay out of your home. A few harmful diseases mice are known for carrying include:

How Truly Nolen Can Help

Truly Nolene specializes in all types of pest removal, including dealing with mice. Our team of professionals has years of experience dealing with mice, so we have come to know all of their habits. This knowledge allows us to provide quick and efficient rodent removal so that you don’t have to worry about mice infestations. We can even help you figure out how the mouse gained entry to your home so that you can eliminate the problem in the future.

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