3 Reasons You May Hear Mice Squeak In Your Toronto Home

3 Reasons You May Hear Mice Squeak In Your Toronto Home

Mice can be very problematic if they take up residence in a house. Mice chew on almost anything, including books, furniture, walls, and food packaging. They may also chew on electrical wires, which can put your home at risk of a fire. Mice removal services are the safest and most effective way to get rid of a rodent problem in your house. Rodents and their droppings can carry diseases, so their handling should be left up to people who know what they are doing. Here are three reasons why you hear mice squeaks in your home. 

They Are Reproducing

When mice are trying to figure out whether or not there are other mice in the area, they might make noises including their signature squeaking sound. One reason why mice might want to find others nearby is for reproduction. Squeaking is also common directly before and during the act of reproduction. Squeaks are particularly loud and frequent during this period, especially by the male mouse. If this is the reason why mice in your house are making noise, you are about to have an even bigger problem on your hands. Call rodent control in Toronto before two mice become many small mice running around inside. 

They Sense Danger

Because mice are small and unable to defend themselves against most other predators, they have to rely upon other instincts in order to survive. Squeaking is one way that mice regulate their emotions, which means that they make the sound when they are scared and sense danger. If a mouse senses a household pet such as a dog or cat, that could contribute to them squeaking more. They might also begin to make more noise if they hear or feel the presence of a human. The sense of danger is also the reason why you hear a high-pitched sound shortly after trapping a mouse, provided that it is not yet dead.

They Are Communicating

Just as humans talk and cats purr, mice squeak and even chirp as a method of communication. The mice in your house might be doing more communicating than you think since many mouse noises are too high-pitched for human ears to hear. However, there is a good chance you will hear at least some of this talking if you have one or more mice roaming around your place of residence. In addition to squeaking, mice use urine to communicate and to mark their territory. If you are hearing lots of squeaks and seeing urine where it does not belong, it might be a good time to contact pest control in Toronto.

Why Are There Mice Here?

Mice inhabit homes for many reasons, including warmth, safety from natural predators outdoors, and building a nest where they can keep their young. Mice are particularly attracted to:

  • Warm areas of a home, such as locations near heaters and in attics 
  • All types of food, including nuts, fruits, meat, and pet food, and particularly scraps that have been left out, since those are easily accessible 
  • Small hiding places, such as an opening in a wall or a vent
  • Piles of clutter where they can burrow, such as stacks of newspaper or piles of clothing 

Make sure to keep your home as clean, neat, and tidy as possible. Also, close any gaps or openings around doors and windows in order to prevent rodents from coming inside easily. 

Do not attempt to remove these small creatures on your own. The professionals from Truly Nolen Canada can come and safely remove mice and other rodents that have infested your home. Our Four Season Pest Control Program is available to help any time of the year, and we have several methods of removing these pests for good.