4 Places You Might Find Mice in Your Toronto Home

4 Places You Might Find Mice in Your Toronto Home

With the colder winter months looming, mice are starting to seek refuge indoors. As a Toronto homeowner, it is helpful to know the most common places these creatures like to hide. Being vigilant can help you quickly recognize when you have an infestation so you can promptly contact mice removal services.

Why Do Mice Come Indoors?

When temperatures plummet, mice enter homes searching for warmth and food. Outdoor food and water sources that are available during the summer months become scarce and the declining temperatures prompt mice to get creative.  Not only are mice irritating and eerie, but they can carry harmful parasites and diseases that can harm your family or pets. It is best to be on the lookout for mice as winter begins so you can call a professional at the first sign of an infestation.  Below are four places you are most likely to find mice in your Toronto home:

Place #1- Walls

Mice love to seek refuge between the studs in your walls. They have collapsible bodies that can easily squeeze into small cracks in your walls, floors, or foundation. These creatures identify these entry points by following the air flowing between the outside and inside of your home. Once inside, mice build nests and use your walls to easily move around your home. It is common to hear scratching noises while you sleep if you have a large infestation behind your walls.

Other signs you have a mice infestation on your hands include a strange, ammonia smell near your wall and greasy marks on your carpet or wallpaper. Mice are nocturnal animals and may quietly build nests in your walls before you even notice they are there.

Place #2- Behind Kitchen Appliances

Most Toronto homeowners have open food sources in their kitchens or dining rooms. Because mice like to reside as close to food sources as possible, they may build their nest in your kitchen. You may find nests behind your refrigerator, stove, or kitchen cabinets. These animals are also known to build nests in small spaces such as drawers or kitchen cabinets.

Mice can carry harmful parasites that can easily contaminate food sources. Thus, you should seal all food packages and call rodent control in Toronto if you suspect a mice infestation.

Place #3- Storage Rooms

Mice do not build nests in organized, open spaces. They often show up in storage rooms because of the clutter. Mice are often found near stacked boxes, piles of clothing, or discarded bags. Keeping your storage room clean and clear of unnecessary clutter can help discourage them from building nests.

Closets are another common hiding place for mice because of the clutter. If you notice mice droppings or a strong smell of urine in your closets, you likely have a rodent problem.

Place #4- Cardboard Boxes

Mice love living in cardboard boxes because they provide a lot of space for sleeping and nesting. Boxes are also a prime breeding group for rodents because they are enclosed, dark, and warm. Mice love to chew and can easily make their way into a box, even if it is closed.

Regularly inspect the cardboard boxes in your basement, closets, and garages for chew holes. You likely have a rodent infestation on your hand if you notice bite marks or grease stains on the outside of your boxes.

Work With an Expert

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