Common Pest Problems in Toronto After a Thunderstorm

Common Pest Problems in Toronto After a Thunderstorm

After a storm, it’s important to check your roof for damage, but you may not realize that you should check your home for pests. Extra water can increase the insect population and push pests out of their home. Here are some of the most common problems you may see after a storm and how to prevent pests from taking over your home. When you get overwhelmed, Truly Nolen offers residential pest control to take back your domain.

Mosquitos – Those Pesky Bloodsuckers

Mosquitos love to lay eggs in stagnant water. Directly following a thunderstorm, you may notice a lull in the mosquito population, because the storm probably upset the breeding grounds. Once the storm is over, the females will again look for a place to lay their eggs. Clean up any rainwater around your home in buckets, basins, or rain gutters. This can help prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs and taking over your yard. Mosquitos hatch in about 8 to 10 days.

Ants of All Kinds

Ants may relocate a colony after a heavy storm. Fire ants may even ride leaves during the storm to get to higher ground. If you’re seeing more ant activity after a storm, you should get professional help to find the access points in your home to get to the queen. You can kill all the ants you want, but if the queen remains, you may still have ants. If you see a few ants searching around for food, kill them and clean up their trails. If you see a line of ants, you may want to search back to the entry point to tell professionals where they came in.

Rodents – Mice and Rats

A thunderstorm can temporarily dislodge mice and rats from their homes. They will try to find drier and higher ground, often in your home. When the weather is good, check your home for access points. Keep in mind that mice can often get in holes as small as a dime. After a storm, watch for signs of rodents. You may see droppings or hear them in the walls before you actually see them. Keep your kitchen clean and make sure there are no leaks or places where pests can gain access to water.

Other Pests You May Notice After a Thunderstorm

Summer storms make for humid and wet conditions, which are attractive to roaches. The American Cockroach thrives in flooded areas and reproduces quickly. Some types of crickets love to eat rotting wood, which can be abundant after a storm. Winds and floods can disrupt wasps and bees from their nests. Ground-dwelling spiders may also move to higher ground during a storm. Your home is prime property for them to wait out the rains. Flies are also attracted to waterlogged debris and trash after a storm. You may see an increase in flies if you don’t clean up trash. The bottom line is that you should pay attention to pests after a storm to make sure that your home stays free of bugs and rodents.

Take Care of Pests

Truly Nolen can help you keep your home pest-free. When we treat pests, we don’t just look at the surface. We try to find out the root of the problem to work out a solution that keeps pests from your home. Don’t share your home with pests, instead get help from the professionals. We use eco-friendly products that take care of pests. Preventative and remedial treatments can help your home stay clean, comfortable and pest-free. If you have an infestation and need help eradicating it, contact Truly Nolen for pest control in Toronto.