Toronto Pest Control: Why Do Mice Nest in a Fireplace?

Toronto Pest Control Why Do Mice Nest in a Fireplace


Nothing spoils an otherwise cozy evening at home like finding a mouse in the fireplace. Upon finding that your home has been invaded by small, furry rodents, your hopes for relaxation are shot and all you can think about is calling pest control in Toronto to take care of the problem for you as soon as possible. Rodent removal from the fireplace may not occur to you until you have a need for it. Unfortunately, finding mice and other rodents in the fireplace is more common than you might realize. 

How Do Mice Get in the Fireplace?

The most likely scenario is that mice are getting into the fireplace through the chimney. Mice are very adept at climbing, and they may either climb up the side of the house or the chimney directly or climb a tree first and then jump from the branches of the tree onto your roof. From there, they may climb up onto the chimney itself and crawl down the flue into your fireplace. 

However, it is also possible that mice may be taking a shortcut. There may be flaws in the mortar that holds the bricks of your chimney together resulting in cracks or gaps. Mice can fit through very tiny openings, so if they find one of these gaps or cracks in your chimney, they will probably exploit it to get into your house. From there, it is a straight shot down to the fireplace. 

Why Do Mice Nest in a Fireplace?

As the weather starts turning chilly, mice start looking for shelter from the cold. They have pretty keen senses, so they might be drawn by the warmth of the smoke and exhaust coming from the chimney. The fireplace provides shelter from the cold while offering fairly easy access to places where food is stored, such as the kitchen and pantry. A small space like a fireplace that is fairly inaccessible to humans can make mice feel more secure. If you do not use your fireplace or use it only rarely, that is so much better for the mice because they won’t be disturbed. 

Why Is It Dangerous To Have Mice in Your Fireplace?

In addition to the usual hazards associated with mice infestation, such as exposure to diseases and damage to your home’s structural integrity, there are particular dangers associated with mice in fireplaces. Whether they nest in the fireplace itself or the chimney, the materials with which they make their nests are highly flammable. If a spark from a fire were to ignite it, you could have a chimney fire on your hands. Nesting material in the chimney could block the airflow, causing poisonous carbon monoxide to back up into your house because it has nowhere else to go. 

How Do You Keep Mice From Getting Into Your Chimney or Fireplace?

Inspect your chimney for any cracks or holes in the mortar that could allow mice to get in. Have them repaired so that the mice cannot access them. Have a chimney cap installed on top of the chimney. This is a metal structure that bolts onto the top of the chimney over the flue. It has a wire mesh that allows smoke to get out without letting rodents in. 

Make your home unappealing to rodents by keeping it clean and storing food in airtight containers. Trim tree branches that extend over the roof and prune ivy so that it does not reach that level. Store firewood away from the house, and don’t plant shrubs or install trellises too close to the foundation of your home. 

How Can Truly Nolen Help With Pest Control in Toronto?

If you do not know how to get rid of mice, your attempts at DIY rodent removal may be ineffective or dangerous. Our technicians have experience and training to remove rodents from your home safely and effectively.