What to do When Your Neighbour Has a Rat Infestation in Toronto

What to do When Your Neighbour Has a Rat Infestation in Toronto

If you are aware of a rat infestation in your neighbourhood, you should contact pest control in Toronto immediately. Rats can carry disease, multiply quickly, and damage property.

Sometimes, the infestation is not a community problem but isolated to a single neighbour. If the neighbourhood does not act to correct the problem, it can develop into a significant hassle for all neighbours.

Experts recommend intervening respectfully if you notice rats around a neighbour’s home. Pest control specialists suggest taking four steps to address the issue.

1. Make Sure the Infestation Doesn’t Affect Your Home

When rats are near your house, they will likely try to find ways into your property. Homes provide excellent shelter, and they can offer resources like food and water.

Before discussing the problem with neighbours, inspect your property. Ensure there are no signs pointing to an infestation in your home, such as:

  • Droppings
  • Rub marks
  • Strange noises
  • Odours

You will also need to remain vigilant about maintaining your property. Dispose of loose debris, keep pet food indoors, and ensure garbage is in sealed bags and containers.

Rats do not always make obvious trails or holes. Call a professional service to investigate if you suspect you have a rat problem.

2. Talk To Your Neighbour About the Infestation

While the initial reaction to a neighbour’s rat problem is often frustration, you must remember the homeowner may not know they have an issue. You should also understand that rat removal takes time, and maybe your neighbour has already hired a service.

If you suspect the neighbour is unaware of the problem or ignoring it, take a deep breath and approach them calmly and respectfully. Inform them of the situation and offer assistance in finding an appropriate solution. Sometimes people are aware of a problem but unaware of the corrective steps to take.

Unfortunately, your neighbour is sometimes aware of the issue and has no current plans to address it. In rarer instances, they might become agitated or angry at the accusation of a pest problem, even when it is obvious. Stay calm and understand that embarrassment over the issue can cause people to react in strange and aggressive ways. It is best to remove yourself from such situations and find an alternative solution.

3. Contact the Neighbourhood Association

If a neighbour is in denial of a rat problem or refuses to deal with it, it is time to get others involved. Contact your neighbourhood association and inform them of the situation. While you might not feel comfortable reporting someone, you must remember that rats represent a problem for the entire neighbourhood, not just your neighbour.

The neighbourhood association has more authority to handle the situation than you. The organizational body can enforce consequences and, if necessary, get the authorities involved.

In most situations, pest control issues resolve peacefully. Nobody wants to deal with a neighbourhood rodent infestation. However, sometimes people need additional support. It takes the intervention of a community to help the affected property owner realize there is no shame in the problem or asking for help.

4. Contact Truly Nolen

Rodent pest control is not something for individual homeowners to handle alone. The reproduction rate of rats and the animals’ ability to hide in plain sight makes removal challenging.

A professional service is the only way to protect your property and remove any trace of the infestation. Thankfully, Toronto is home to one of the best pest control services in the country. Contact Truly Nolen Canada and schedule a property evaluation. The company will send out a team of pest control technicians to assess your property and make recommendations for an affordable and quick recovery.