Why is Residential Pest Control so Important in Toronto?

Why is Residential Pest Control so Important in Toronto

When you live in a large urban area, pest control isn’t just about you. Pest control in Toronto is about keeping you and your neighbours happy, healthy, and free of insidious infestations. Because most insects and rodents can breed quickly, you should address infestations as soon as you detect them.

Living in a Big City

Many common pest species have adapted to depend entirely on human residences. Bed bugs, for example, are ill-suited to living outdoors in cold climates. Rats are invasive to North America, and they prefer safe human spaces to living outdoors under the constant threat of predation. Humans, therefore, are the only reason pests can thrive.

If you live in Toronto or another big city, chances are you are only meters from the nearest neighbours and their household pests. Similarly, any creatures in your home are likely to quickly colonize neighbouring apartments. To get rid of an infestation, you must communicate and work together with your neighbours. 

The Harm of Allowing Pests To Go Unchecked

Failing to control an infestation can create a lot of stress and frustration. It can also result in damage to your home or even unsanitary conditions.

The psychological aspect of having unwelcome intruders can’t be overstated. Rodents, cockroaches, and fleas can harm your ability to sleep at night and devastate your peace of mind. Bed bugs, perhaps the worst nuisances of all, can rob you of your sleep entirely. Since these creatures rarely choose to go away on their own, you must handle them quickly and efficiently. 

Many residential vermin can cause serious damage to your property. Mice, for example, can chew through siding or electronics, causing thousands of dollars of damage. Carpenter insects can root through wooden support structures, ruining the structural integrity of your home. Many residents worldwide have had to abandon their homes because insects weakened them to an unacceptable degree.

Both insects and rodents can spread disease and unhealthy conditions. You may know that the black death began when rodents carrying infected fleas travelled throughout Europe and the Middle East. Today the disease is under control, but you can never be sure when the next major disease epidemic will break out. 

Unfortunately, some of the most concerning afflictions pests can carry are the most common. Ticks present throughout North America are known to carry Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, both of which are dangerous ailments that devastate the human nervous system when left untreated. Tickborne infections are most common in rural or suburban areas, but they can easily make their way into cities by way of pets or uncropped vegetation. 

Businesses and Residences

Some urban citizens think pests can’t infest certain types of buildings. This is often untrue. Bed bugs, for example, have been known to colonize restaurants, where they can use high human traffic to spread further. Even the best-kept food businesses and grocery distributors have a hard time keeping rodents away once they appear. When neighbouring homeowners do everything right to keep them away, they often end up with unwelcome guests anyway.

Because the physical closeness of cities allows infestations to spread between homes and businesses, pests can cause exponential damage to communities over time. This is why it’s so important to communicate with others in your community about pest problems, even if it seems embarrassing at first. 

Residential Pest Control

As soon as you notice the presence of animal intruders, you should call an experienced removal professional. At Truly Nolen, we have years of experience removing the most harmful and persistent urban species. We guarantee results and can get your home or business back on track in no time. Contact us online or by phone today.