With Spring Around the Corner in Toronto, Here Are 5 Ways to Keep Mice Out

5 Ways to Keep Mice Out

Spring will be here before you know it. When the temperatures start to get a little warmer, wildlife will once again begin to come out from the long, cold winter and be more active in the region. Mice and other rodents may come out in droves when spring weather arrives, and you may need mice removal services from Truly Nolen Canada. Here are five ways to keep them out of your home.

1. Look for Entry Points

The first effective method of keeping mice and other creatures from entering your home or business is to look for potential entry points. Entry points may not be obvious to the untrained eye, but the pros on our team can do a professional inspection to find them.

Mice can squeeze through the tiniest of entry points, so it’s crucial to seal these spots up so they don’t have an open invitation into your home. For small holes, your contractor can use caulk or steel wool. Larger holes may need to be covered with drywall or other materials.

2. Close Trash Cans and Keep Clean

Your trash cans may provide a food source for hungry mice and rodents in the spring. With the warmer temperatures, the smell of trash and rotting food may attract hungry critters.

It’s vital to keep your garbage cans completely sealed when they are full. Additionally, consider storing trash inside until it’s garbage day in your neighbourhood. Periodically rinse and clean your garbage cans with bleach to keep them from smelling.

3. Position Bird Feeders Away from the House

Bird feeders are also one of the items that attract mice and other animals to homes and yards. You can still enjoy watching birds eat from your feeders if you are more strategic about their placement.

Keep bird feeders far away from your home’s perimeter so wayward mice don’t wander from the feeder to your space. Consider purchasing bird feeders that are rodent-proof to prevent mice from taking all of the seeds.

4. Use Peppermint

There is another natural way to keep rodents out of your home using a widely available plant and scent, peppermint. Mint can act as a deterrent for some critters, including mice.

During the spring planting season, consider planting some mint around your home’s exterior to help put up a natural barrier for mice. You can also spray mint-scented formula around your home to add more of this scent barrier indoors.

5. Seal All Food

The last step to take in the spring for rodent control in Toronto is to seal your food. Food crumbs and debris can sometimes be left behind in cabinets, drawers and pantries. Mice nearby could smell these tiny crumbs of food and be drawn to your kitchen.

Instead, have an organized system that keeps all food sealed in containers with lids. Invest in plastic or glass food storage containers to keep your pantry items protected from a mouse infestation.

Mice Removal Services for Residences and Businesses

Doing all of these things could help prevent new mice from coming into your home, but nothing is foolproof. When you notice mouse droppings or see a mouse in or around your home, you’ll need professional services from Truly Nolen. Our four-season approach offers protection all year long. We start service with rodent-proofing the space, then trapping any animals and then cleaning up the mess.

If you want to keep rodents out of your home the entire year, look to Truly Nolen Canada’s Four Seasons Program. This approach offers services throughout the entire year to keep your home and family safe from common pests like mice. Contact us today for more details.